The Ultimate Texas Snack Spread For Football-Watching (And Beyond!)

Even if we don’t have any teams in the game, you can still have Texas at your Super Bowl watch party! Our favorite way to cater to a crowd is the sheet-pan snack spread featuring Texas-sourced fresh vegetables, a few spreads (including cheeses!), cured salami, and some indulgent treats. Minimal effort and easy clean up is the name of the Super Bowl game- leaving more time for enjoying the halftime show and advertisements.

How to Make a Super Snack Board

Step One: Set up a sheet pan and arrange 2-3 dips/spreads in smaller bowls.

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Use Your Bushel: Week of January 29

January 29: Large Bushel

Beets (1 lb avg/1 bunch), Bok Choy (1 head) or Cabbage (1 head), Broccoli (1 lb avg) or Cauliflower (1 head), Spinach (1 bunch), Grapefruit (2 count) or Oranges (5 count), Lettuce (1 head), Mushrooms (1/2lb avg), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Radish (1 lb avg/1 bunch)

January 29: Medium Bushel

Broccoli (1 lb avg) or Cauliflower (1 head), Spinach (1 bunch), Grapefruit (2 count) or Oranges (3 count), Lettuce (1 head),

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