A New Year’s Revolution: The 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

It’s only 30 days. Think you can do it? Give it a go: eat at home, only from Texas, for the month of January.



Can you do it? We bet you can. Texas is a big state with plenty to eat. We have apples in the pan handle. Citrus from the valley. You KNOW Texas does beef. And sweet mercy we’ve got milk! Some of the best in the US comes from right around Waco. Plus you can cheat a little for coffee.

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Turkey Talk & Life Philosophy with Parker Creek Ranch

You’ve never tasted turkey like this. From birth to on-farm processing, Parker Creek Ranch turkeys are raised in pasture for a total of about 10 months (compare that to 16-18 weeks for your standard grocery store bird), eating GMO-free, soy-free high-quality grain, along with all the bugs and grass they can get their beaks on. Exercise and foraging allows the birds to grow and produce naturally, building up all the right fats and flavors that only a clean, pasture-raised bird can have.

Raising turkeys this way is a labor of love.

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Supper Club: Meal Kits By Farmhouse Delivery

Cook for your family like you just went to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Weekly meal kit delivery with everything you need to make amazing meals quickly with most meals requiring 20 minutes or less hands-on time
  • Produce and proteins exclusively from Texas farmers and ranchers using sustainable and organic practices
  • Too Busy or going out of town? Supper Club makes it easy to skip a week
  • Reusable packaging –

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Moo-ove Over Bessie, There’s a New Cow In Town

Earlier this week, we received this glowing email from a Farmhouse Delivery customer:

“I am incredibly excited for milk from Gramen Farms to become available! Like many others, I cannot handle the protein found in Holstein cow milk & the opportunity to eat yogurt, milk with cereal, ice cream, cheese, etc. is SO exciting! Thank you for this partnership & providing this to your customers! :)” -Kait

So what is it about Gramen milk that sets it apart? In short: Jersey cows.

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Pasture-Raised Eggs: Everything They’re Cracked Up To Be

The ongoing debate between pasture-raised eggs vs. conventional grocery store eggs is one we’ve quietly argued for years. We’re not ones to guilt or shame anyone for their egg choices; if you want to buy conventional eggs because they’re less expensive, that’s your right as a consumer. We would be remiss, however, to not, at the very least, offer a little insight into the benefits of eating pasture-raised eggs over conventional.

To start, it’s important to understand what meaning your grocery store labels actually carry. In other words, 

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