Veg Out! For the Week of 7.3.17

A Peek Inside Next Week’s Bushel*


7/3/17 Next Week’s Large Bushel:

Blackberries (1 pint) or Peaches (1 lb avg),Carrots ( (1 lb avg) or Sweet Corn (2 ears), Cucumbers (1 lb avg), Eggplant (1 lb avg) or Asian Long Red Beans
(1/2 lb avg),Lettuce (1 head), Mixed Potatoes (1 lb avg),
Okra (1 lb),Shishitos (1/2 lb avg) or Jalapenos (1/2 lb avg), 

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Veg Out!


A Peek Inside Next Week’s Bushel*


6/26/17 Next Week’s Large Bushel: 

Cucumbers (1lb avg), Juliet Tomatoes (1 pint), Leeks (1 bunch) or Carrots (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), Mixed Summer Squash (1 lb avg) Plums (1 lb avg) Shishitos (1/2 lb) or Banana Peppers (1/2lb) Sweet Corn (2 ears), Yukon Red or Gold Potatoes (1 lb avg)

6/26/17 Next Week’s Medium Bushel:

Juliet Tomatoes (1 pint), 

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Pickle Your Bushel

We’ve all felt a similar sense of dread while standing in front of our refrigerator’s crisper drawer with an ever growing pile of produce that we can’t quite use up. Is it possible to eat seasonally without creating waste? How can we be true champions of a CSA whose bushel bounty is so plentiful that at times its a bit much to handle? Three words my friends. The Quick Pickle.

Mastering a quick pickle means the difference between an overflowing produce drawer and a fridge stocked with all the accoutrements needed to transport any dish around the world and back.

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Easy Breezy: Full Meal Bundles

Pictured: Curry Bundle with Red Curry + Boneless Chicken Thighs


Some days were made for scouring Pinterest for the perfect inspiring recipe, turning on some cooking tunes and losing yourself in the joy of culinary creation. Some days require something a little more speedy. We’re with you either way. On the nights you’re pressed for time and energy, turn to our new meal bundles–chef-created ingredients that pair perfectly with our farm-fresh ingredients to get a home cooked meal on your table stat.

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