How We Measure Up

Curious about how we measure up to basket of grocery store produce? We’ve compared our Large Produce Box to the same fruits and vegetables from your local natural food store. From the shelf to your doorstep, judge for yourself to see how we measure up!

Farmhouse Delivery
Large Produce Box

Crimini Mushrooms (Gonzales, TX)
Spinach (Austin, TX)
Beets (Houston, TX)
Oranges (Mission, TX)
Green Onions (Cat Spring, TX)
Lettuce (Austin, TX)
Cauliflower (Pleasanton, TX)
Butternut Squash (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Bok Choy (Austin, TX)

Sub Total: $39.99
Delivery Fee: $0
Service Fee: $0
Total: $39.99

Natural Food Store

Crimini Mushrooms (Texas)
Baby Spinach (USA)
Beets (Texas)
Oranges (California)
Green Onions (California)
Lettuce (California)
Cauliflower (California)
Butternut Squash (Mexico)
Bok Choy (Texas)

Sub Total: $31.67
Delivery Fee: $9.99
Service Fee: $3.17
Total: $44.83

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