A Season for Real Tomatoes

A tomato is a tomato is a tomato, right? Not exactly. While the ones you see in the grocery store in November certainly look like tomatoes, they couldn’t be any more different from the real thing. Real tomatoes are highly seasonal and fragile things, finicky to grow and difficult to transport, but also mind-blowingly good and, in our minds, totally worth the wait. We’re known for great homegrown tomatoes here in Texas, and that’s a real testament to the talents of our farming community. Read on for some fun facts about the tomatoes in our own farming backyard

  • How Does Your (Tomato) Garden Grow?

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We Are Family

Whether you’ve got all your sisters with you or not, big family gatherings don’t have to be stressful. A little planning makes for an easy-breezy meal, one where you can enjoy reconnecting with the people who matter most. Read on for our top tips for making the most of getting everyone together.

  • One cook, one pot – The best dishes for potlucks are hearty one-pot dishes. Think a crock pot of simmered beans; a big bowl of potato salad; cool, peanut-dressed noodles with veggies;

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When It Rains, It Pours

We did a rain dance, didn’t we? While we’re grateful for this drought-busting rain, we’ve been rocked by flooding here in Austin, in Houston, and in the Hill Country. And our farmer friends, already exhausted by years of devastating drought, now have to contend with way too much of a good thing, and can do little but watch as just-coming-in summer crops rot in the ground. Summer’s all about succession planting–nothing germinates in the brutal heat of summer–so that window to plant during these early weeks of the season is quickly closing.

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Stepping Up Your Staples: Why Quality Counts


Basic kitchen staples play a role in our lives on a daily basis. Whether you’re cooking morning eggs or going all out gourmet for a multi-course meal, the same basics continue to act as the foundation of everything you eat. And yet, when food shopping, it’s easy to convince ourselves that the basics are the easiest places to cut corners. Next time you go shopping for eggs, milk, bread, butter, yogurt,

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Earth Mothers

The mothers in our farming community take care of us all, making sure we have good things to eat and caring for the land we share at the same time. This Mother’s Day, we’ll be honoring all the true Earth Mothers in our farming community–here’s how a few of them celebrate their special day:

Marysol Valle, Fat Frog Farm – As a mom and farmer, my kids are spending the first few years of their lives mostly naked, barefoot, dirt-covered and bug-bitten (I say the bug bites are their organic stamp)!

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