Easy Breezy: Full Meal Bundles

Pictured: Curry Bundle with Red Curry + Boneless Chicken Thighs


Some days were made for scouring Pinterest for the perfect inspiring recipe, turning on some cooking tunes and losing yourself in the joy of culinary creation. Some days require something a little more speedy. We’re with you either way. On the nights you’re pressed for time and energy, turn to our new meal bundles–chef-created ingredients that pair perfectly with our farm-fresh ingredients to get a home cooked meal on your table stat.

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What’s So Great About Pastured Meat?

We often find ourselves in conversation with people who are shocked and dismayed at the higher cost of locally-raised, sustainably grown food—grass-fed meats in particular. “I just can’t afford that,” they say.  True, it would strain anyone’s budget to by grass-fed meat in the same quantities most people buy grain-fed meats from the feedlot. Throughout human history, however, meat has been a luxury, and there is a reason for that. It is expensive to produce, and requires lots of energy to raise and slaughter, if you do it right.

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Spring & Summer Field Report


The sun rises on another spring day here in central Texas, and if we pay attention, we can feel the bustle of activity in the natural world. Just about everything that can is budding out, reaching for rebirth and new life–peach blossoms unfurl, tomatoes are showing their first yellow flowers, sugar snap peas climb their trellises, asparagus breaks open the earth, reaching for the sky, and tender white berry blossoms tremble on the breeze amongst their thorny branches. On farms across the land,

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Life’s a Picnic: An Interview with Leanne Valenti

Leanne Valenti’s journey to Bento + Picnic began in the foothills of Mt. Fuji. She was in Japan on a homestay after just completing culinary training at The Natural Epicurean. While waiting for a train to Tokyo, hunger struck, and she grabbed an ekiben, a boxed lunch sold at train stations. Fast food of a whole different order, ekiben are boxes composed of five to nine unique dishes, all specialties of the region.

The brilliance of the concept was not lost on the young chef.

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Loncito Cartwright: Gentleman Rancher

Driving down 290 one wet, drippy day, we noticed a warehouse, empty, abandoned, and desolate, with the word “wool” painted on the side, atmospherically faded, close to disappearing. We love that look in Austin–faded remnants of a rural, cowboy past, weathered tin, faded paint, the ghost of a farmers mercantile. Soon I noticed another. And another. Wool? In Texas? Cows, of course, but sheep? Long enough ago to weather and fade, and disappear?

Our friend Loncito Cartwright recounts the history of the once-thriving sheep ranching business in Texas.

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