Succulents for Your Sweetheart: Markley Family Farms

Brian and Becky of Markley Family Farms are taking a twist on the traditional Valentine’s day bouquet with Texas-raised succulents. These greenhouse-grown plants are arranged into handmade cedar boxes (made by Brian himself) and are now available in the Farmhouse Delivery market! After farming produce for some time, the Markleys have now turned to selling succulents at the Pearl Farmers’ Market in San Antonio and to local plant-lovers. “We started just experimenting in our greenhouse because we had the space and it kind of just went from there!

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Why Local Food?

There is no official definition for the term local food, but it generally refers to food that is sourced within a 100-mile radius, or food that has been produced within the same state. Recent research found that 90% of Americans could be fed from food grown or raised within 100 miles, enough to assure that eating local can be more than a passing fad.  
Farmhouse Delivery aims to bring that local food even closer to you, connecting local family farms with Texans who want to support our food system.

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How to Help: Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

How To Help Our Farmers and Neighbors

Tens of thousands of members of our Texas community are suffering loss and displacement, while the agricultural community is impacted as well — flooded fields, damage to property and equipment, and acres upon acres of lost crops (as seen below in the photos provided by Gundermann Acres in Wharton County).

Farmhouse’s purpose is to support family-owned local farmers and ranchers in their mission to raise clean, wholesome food – and to distribute that food to communities throughout Texas.

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A Legacy that Nurtures

The first humans to grow food were likely women. That’s what I’ve concluded, anyway. The first archeological evidence of farming dates the DNA of humans in the Fertile Crescent and their grain to be 10,000-12,0000 years old. Multitudes of journals detail, and of course debate, the findings: Why did they farm? What drove nomadic cultures known 40,000 years prior to only roam? To begin changing their ways? When I think about it and what I know of the earth herself, I like to imagine that as people sought ways to begin settling into more stillness and grow more food to diversify due to climate change;

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