Meet The Chef: Matt Taylor, Farmhouse Kitchen

Meet the man behind your meal kit; Chef Matt Taylor has been cooking for over 15 years with notable Texan restaurants under his belt (Wink, Swift’s Attic). After beginning his career working in the produce department at a health food store, he became seriously interested in food and began cooking at home for himself, trying new cuisines and techniques. Chef Matt understands the challenges of cooking at home and he is passionate about the benefits of cooking good, local food for you and your family.  “This curiosity hasn’t gone away- cooking is my favorite thing to do professionally and personally,”

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Get Texas on the Table with Supper Club Meal Delivery

Sheet Pan Miso Shrimp with Roasted Eggplant, Mushrooms and Sweet Peppers over Brown Rice 

Look, we get it- it’s hard to to get to work on time, get all the homework done, maybe think about sorting the laundry, keep up with the headlines, and everything else in between– sometimes mindful eating doesn’t always seem doable. We hear all too often that dinner is a challenge, whether you’re trying to get your partner to like vegetables as much as you do or you’re a parent who is balancing making ‘adult’

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