7 Things Chef Matt is Cooking This Summer

Here at Farmhouse Delivery, we have our very own in-house culinary team led by the innovative Chef Matt Taylor. Chef Matt has been cooking for over 15 years with notable Texan restaurants under his belt including Wink and Swift’s Attic here in Austin. After beginning his career working in the produce department at a health food store, he became seriously interested in food and began cooking at home for himself, trying new cuisines and techniques. Now, he brings that experience into creating our Farmhouse Kitchen product line and our weekly Meal Kits. We sat down with Chef Matt to talk about this upcoming Summer, what he’s excited about creating, and some tips on embracing this season’s flavors.

“It’s turning into good grilling weather. There’s something about Texas where even though it’s scorching hot outside, we still can’t wait to be around a hot grill,” says Matt. “Eating locally and seasonally is the only way to be! If you want the best tasting food, you get the best seasonal product from local sources.”

Here are a few ways Matt suggests preparing seasonal favorites to maximize your summer haul potential:

“I’m taking things like corn coming back into season, tomatoes are coming in, we’ve got great South Texas Onions in stock, and even fingerling potatoes and throwing all of those on the grill. I also love any big leafy green on the grill. We’ve also got the Romesco Sauce, which may be my favorite product ever. I’m putting it on everything.”


Corn on the cob is a Texas summer staple; slathered in butter then seasoned with salt & pepper, or even smoky taco or elote seasoning before grilling will bring it to life.

2. Tomatoes

While delicious sliced on top of burgers or salads, you can also lay flat on a plate and drizzle in balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper, fresh chopped basil, and either mozzarella or feta cheese. That alone is an easy summer dish that’s light and easy to snack on.

3. Farmhouse Kitchen Romesco Sauce

This delicious tomato based, red pepper, and garlic sauce was originally developed to go with fish by California fishermen, but we’re really putting this stuff on everything. From topping burgers or pizza dough to tossing with roasted veggies and quinoa, you will not be able to stop using this summer fresh dressing.

“You can get creative with these sauces like the Romesco we have available and easily build a delicious dinner. You can use it as a dip or marinade on our veggie kebab bundle or as a pizza sauce on the Bufalina pizza kit. We also have this great marinated steak coming in that would be great for taco night or finished in our Farmhouse Kitchen Texas Sweet Onion Dressing. We have a lot of products that can mix and match to make any meal easy to whip up.”

4. Veggie Kebab Bundle

Speaking of veggies and things that go well with the Romesco sauce, we’ve got a vegetable kebab bundle that will be perfect for a grilling out or a roasted dinner night in. Including the skewers and a collection of summer veggies, these are packed and ready to cook!

5. Bufalina Pizza Kit

The weather is perfect to take pizza creations out to the grill. Grilling pizza dough creates such a bubbly and charred crust that’s hard to resist. Chef Matt tops his pizza with the romesco sauce and shaved grilled onions.

6. Marinated Bavette Steak

Our meat is marinated with tamari, garlic, and vinegar. It’s a sirloin flap cut but it’s great on the grill for taco night, fajitas, or making summer salad bowls. Pick up some summer squash to grill with the steak and pile onto El Milagro’s corn tortillas for the perfect Steak Fajito Taco.

7. Farmhouse Kitchen Texas Sweet Onion Dressing

Use our Texas Sweet Onion dressing as a finishing sauce. Onions are sweet and this dressing will scorch if used as a marinade. However, brush it on to meat or veggies in their last 2 minutes of cooking for it to create a glaze of delicious flavor on your dish!

Let us know what you’re making this summer! We’ll share our favorite creations when you use our hashtag #FarmhouseInMyHouse and tag us on social media. Join the community for more articles like this, tips & tricks, recipes and inspiration, and to see what others are creating.

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