Celebrating Organic Month with Veritable Vegetable

It’s Organic Month – that’s something we get pretty excited about around here (we know, nerd alert!). In celebration of Organic Month, we have a thrilling introduction to make. Meet Veritable Vegetable, a California Organics supplier we’re partnering with that will allow us to deliver an even greater variety of Certified Organic produce to your door.

So what does this mean for our locally-sourced produce? Actually, nothing! We’re still sourcing as much local produce as we can get our hands on, maintaining loyal relationships with community farmers, and offering you the widest and best available selection of fruits and vegetables grown in Texas. Working with Veritable Vegetable just means that our community has grown a little, and when it comes to community, we always say the more the merrier.

We LOVE Texas produce – it’s fresh, it’s delicious, and it’s grown from members of our own community. These are values we’ve built our company on, and they mean every bit as much to us today as they did 11 years ago when we started. We also value the needs of our customers (you!) and understand that some of your perennial favorites, like berries in the fall or apples in springtime, aren’t able to be grown year-round in Texas. So, instead of leaving you to fend for yourself at the nearby supermarket in search of non-seasonal items that meet your standards, our partnership with Veritable Vegetable allows us to deliver all the organic produce you can’t get enough of, right to your door, without compromising on quality, freshness, flavor, or sustainability. 

We knew the only way we could do this was to find someone whose values align with ours, whose quality is exceptional, and whose mission we can get behind, which is how we came to find Veritable Vegetable.

Veritable Vegetable, a woman-owned and led company out of San Francisco, CA, sources only from organic farms, focusing on small-to-mid-sized growers, and seeking out coveted varieties and producers. Their status as a Certified B-Corporation ensures the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and legal accountability to maintain a balance of profit and purpose.

As a Certified California Green Business, they divert a whopping 99% of any company waste from landfills and their energy use is offset by a full 25% from their solar roof panels. They also take careful environmental consideration with distribution, running a near zero-emission fleet of hybrid trucks and trailers. Of course, let’s not forget the importance of taste – their produce is phenomenal, with flavor that only the freshest, most expertly grown food can have. There’s no question, in the world of sustainable organic produce, they walk the walk. So with open arms and ready appetites, we want to give a warm welcome to Veritable Vegetable.


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