Colorful Carotene: The Roots of Our Winter Cooking!

We’ve got bins upon bins of colorful carotene this week from Villa Klehr Farms, which has us thinking: in addition to the abundant nutrients, what else is there to know about one of our favorite Winter root veggies? We sat down with Holistic Health Coaches Megan Magill & Cara Miller of Simply Seasonal Cooking Show and Podcast to get the full run-down so you can make full use of the carrots in your produce box this week. 

❶ Don’t peel your carrots!

The skin holds millions of beneficial bacteria that come from the organic soil that our farmers work so hard to keep healthy and rich. That’s right, the skin is nature’s probiotic!

❷ Don’t throw away the greens!

They’re edible too! Similar to parsley, the greens are delicious and provide light flexible energy. They help reduce inflammation, are high in minerals and chlorophyll.

❸ Eat the whole food!

When we eat the carrots and greens together, we’re eating the whole food– all of it’s edible parts as nature intended, which creates perfect synergy in our bodies. We simultaneously benefit from the flexible, cooling greens and the root (the carrot), which has a warming and grounding energy. The perfect balance of yin + yang from this simple veggie! You can roast the greens along with the carrots, turn the greens into a pesto sauce, or simply use the greens to garnish your dish in place of parsley!

❹ Carrots are perfect for winter!

Mother Nature provides us with exactly what we need during this time of year when sunlight is sparse, and we need to see in the dark! Cut a carrot crosswise into a circle- it looks exactly like an eye! This is nature telling us that carrots are good for the eyes. And we know that the phytonutrient carotenoid, which our bodies turn into Vit. A, improve our eye health and vision. In fact, nature gives us lots of orange vegetables containing carotenoids in the winter months like carrots, butternut squash, pumpkin, and more!

-Holistic Health Coaches Megan Magill & Cara Miller of Simply Seasonal Cooking Show and Podcast