Farmhouse Delivery Gift Guide 2017

Are you still stuck on your holiday list? We’ve got everything you need to fill the stockings with handmade Texas goods. Check out our staff’s favorites, for everything from cooking classes to exclusive kitchen goods!

For the Natural Beauty
These gifts are for the creative free-spirit who loves to spend time in nature. Everyone’s got that one parent, teacher, babysitter, or sibling that thrives outside, but also likes to treat themselves to high-quality goods.

A. Eliana Bernard Round Marbled Bud Vase in Dark Teal ($46)

B. Natural Gardener Gift Card (Any amount)

C. Springdale Handmade ($5.99-10.99)

D. Slavonk and Hortus Plant Party (Inquire for pricing)

E. Herb and Root Favorites Gift Set ($60)

The Texan
Texas means so many things to everyone who lives in this great state, but this is a collection of some of our favorite items. From a pocket knife to Farmhouse Delivery Gift Cards (give the gift of Texas vegetables, y’all!), there’s something for every neighbor on this list!

A. El Cosmico Provision Co Kaleidoscope 3″ Lockback Knife ($95)

B. Farmhouse Delivery Gift Card ($50-$500)

C. How to be a Texan by Andrea Valdez ($16.63)

D. Fort Lonesome West Texas Road Patch ($60)

E. Treaty Oak Red-Handed Bourbon Whiskey

The Foodie
There’s a whole lot of foodies in our offices, and these are the items on our wish lists! From Kitchen Underground classes to local Guajillo honey, all of these items fit beautifully in a Texan kitchen.

A: Native Nectar Guajillo Honey ($14.99)

B: Kitchen Underground Cooking Classes ($45-80)

C: Kettle and Brine Arbor Sycamore Board ($65-$95)

D: Coffee Sock Cold Brew Kit ($16.99)

E: Confituras Jams ($9.99)

Under $25
Stuff the stockings with these gifts, everything is less than $25. 

A. Austin Nuts Texas Container ($22.99)

B. SRSLY Chocolate ($7.49)

C. Hightail Handmade Christmas Ornaments ($24)

D. Farmhouse Kitchen Seasoning Salts ($2.99)

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