Greenling is now Farmhouse Delivery


Greenling Organic Delivery became a part of Farmhouse Delivery in 2016 and has continued to offer customers top-quality produce, meat, meal-kits and pantry items ever since. There are only a few things that have changed (customers tell us it’s even better):

  • Our food is beyond organic. Of course, organic food was very important to the Greenling model, so we understand how important it is to you. You might notice that many of our products do not claim organic certification. While some of our farmers and vendors may not put the ‘Organic’ stamp on their product, more often than not, 100% of their food is raised using organic practices, beyond the minimum requirements for federally approved organic certification.
  • We are a subscription-based service. Since we only source from small- to mid-sized local farmers, predictability is key to being able to fulfill customer orders. When using a subscription model, we’re able to predict how much of each product we’ll need from our farmers season by season, creating more stability for the farmer, therefore longevity for their business. It also helps us make commitments with our farmers, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with them.
  • We’re firm believers in quality over quantity. While you may see a smaller variety of products available for delivery, we guarantee that every item on our site has been hand selected by our owners and buyers for its superior quality and flavor. We encourage you to peek around our website to see the selection of pasture-raised meats, hormone and antibiotic-free dairy & eggs, pantry items with no unnatural preservatives, and the freshest artisan baked goods.

Find out why Greenling customers love getting their produce delivered from Farmhouse and why they would highly recommend us to their friends.

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