Happy Nourishing New Year

If you felt like 2020 was completely out of your hands, you are not alone. Now more than ever, this new year comes with new perspective, new appreciation and a chance to take a step back to see what is in your hands and what you are able to do for yourself and your community.

For us, at Farmhouse, that starts with nourishing and sustainable (re)solutions fueled by locally sourced food that energizes our bodies, warms our hearts and connects us to our Texas community of farmers, producers, ranchers and YOU. You have the power to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve this year and we hope to deliver (re)solutions that will help you thrive within yourself and within your community.

If you have a passion to cook or want to learn how, we’re here to inspire you with simple, yet adventurous recipes. If you want to take the thinking out of your meals but don’t want to sacrifice quality or taste, try our all-in-one meal kits. If you’re looking for a detox or re-set, choose from our various juices and produce box options full of fresh and locally sourced produce. If you simply want to try new things, we invite you to explore our what’s new category every week!

Whatever you choose to fill your hands with this year, we hope you join us in filling them full of nourishing, delicious, locally sourced food that support you and our Texas community.

Click here to take a peek at our nourishing (re)solutions!

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