Cool Food for Hot Weather: No-Heat Recipes For Salads, Snacks and More

Make your meals more Texas-heat-friendly without sacrificing flavor with our favorite no-heat recipes. We’ve compiled some of our favorite meals ideal for enjoying boat time on the lake, hanging out poolside with family, or picnic-ing at your favorite amusement part with the family.

Not Your Average Pasta Salad

The only cooking required for pasta salad is boiling the actual noodles, but that can be done ahead of time. For a simple recipe, toss hot pasta in your favorite vibrant salad dressing and add diced fresh vegetables, chopped herbs, and crunchy bits such as toasted nuts, pumpkin seeds, or toasted quinoa. If you’re absolutely anti-stovetop, opt for rice noodles that ‘cook’ in a bowl of very hot water instead. 

Try This Recipe: Buckwheat Noodles with Green Beans & Toasted Sesame-Lime Vinaigrette

Skip The Stove

Instead of the stove, opt for fresh acids like champagne vinegar, rice vinegar, or lemon/lime juice to soften fresh vegetables.

“When summer is upon us, best to press a glass of something cool to our temples and think of what we can have for dinner that doesn’t involve heat. Here we present a thoroughly heat-free, hearty, main-dish salad, filled with garden goodness and “cooked” with just a bit of lime.”

Try This Recipe: No-Heat Succotash Salad

The New Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad isn’t just for fruit! Add texture and flavor by adding more veggies from your Produce Box. Diced cucumbers or halved tomatoes (technically a fruit!) work well with chunked sweet melon or stone fruit. Add an unexpected note of flavor with a bright vinaigrette, brightened with fresh herbs and spices.

Although this recipe is no-heat, fruit salad is best served very cold.

Try This Recipe: Tomato Melon Salad with Basil and Chile Salt

Pack The Snack Bag

Stock the cooler bag with plenty of delicious Texas-sourced snacks, requiring little-to-no prep. Local food always tastes the best, so simple snacks are easy with food sourced from the state. Some snack ideas:

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