How to Order Meal Kits

Meal-kits from Farmhouse Delivery come with everything you need to create delicious meals quickly. Sourced from all local, organic, and sustainably produced foods, these kits make it easy to enjoy a farm to table restaurant in your own home. Click Here to See Meal Kit Recipes

Here’s how to do it:

Step One: Shop The Menu

You will select your Meal Kits via your cart on the website, not via email. To choose your menu, log into your account on the website and click on the basket in the upper right-hand corner. Your Meal Kit Subscription will appear in every week’s cart. To access the week of meals you want to choose, click on the date to see your cart expand. If you’re not already past the deadline to order for that week’s meals, you’ll see an orange button titled ‘customize box’. Click that box.
You aren’t required to select your meal kits; if you do nothing you will still get meal kits as your account will default to recipes based on your previous order history. 

Step Two: Choose Your Meals

Each meal is ordered by the 2-serving. So if you order a quantity of two, you’ll receive a 4-serving of that meal.
You’ll also see that two of the four meals will have a default quantity of 1 applied. These are the meals you will receive if you do not select your own meals.
To choose your own meals, change the quantity or click the + or – buttons.
IMPORTANT: If you want to SKIP YOUR MEALS, simply click the “x” on the far right next to the order for that week.

“Choose My Meals For Me”

When selecting your meals, be sure to change the quantity of “Choose My Meals For Me” to zero, so you won’t accidentally be charged for it. If you’re not able to select your meals before the order deadline, we’ll select two 2-serving meals for you based on availability.
**We are no longer able to process special requests when we select meals for you. To ensure that you receive meals that fit with your dietary, allergen, and serving size needs, please select your meals by the order deadline.