Know Your Farmer: Martin Heritage Farm

Debbie Martin of Martin Heritage Farm is greeted by one of 350 pasture raised turkeys on the farm.

The Martin Family used to be a pretty typical American family: husband Daniel, wife Debbie, three kids Connor, Ashleigh, and Ben, and a dog named Quincy, living in suburban South Florida. But a chance to buy 15 acres of farmland in Coupland, Texas changed all of that 3 years ago.

Today, those 15 acres are Martin Heritage Farm: home to the Martin family, as well as sustainably raised turkeys, rabbits, pigs, chickens, two cats, and 3 more dogs that work as livestock guardians. It is a true family farm – Connor, the oldest of the kids, manages the 350 Thanksgiving turkeys the Martin’s are raising for Farmhouse Delivery, Ashleigh tends to the rabbits, Ben handles the hens, and Daniel oversees their 150 heritage breed pigs. Debbie jokes that all she does is cook breakfast burritos for everyone, but in truth, she takes care of all the day-to-day business of the farm, such as handling direct sales and delivering product.

A typical day at the Martin home starts at sunrise, as each family member heads out to feed their animals and move them to new pasture. After morning chores are completed, the kids do school work (Connor is enrolled at Austin Community College, and Ashleigh and Ben are in a homeschool program). Not many days on a farm are typical however, so a dry-erase board in the dining room serves as the family’s ‘To Do List’. And on any given day, the whole family is on hand to help corral pigs when they wander too far or hang shade sails so the turkeys have some respite from the Texas sun.

The turkeys arrived at Martin Heritage Farm as babies in August. After 3 weeks in the brooder, the flock was moved out to pasture where they bask in the sun, forage on grass and bugs, and grow to upwards of 25 pounds. The turkeys are moved to new pasture every other day so they can forage on fresh grass and insects. In addition to natural grazing, turkeys are given supplemental feed to ensure they receive all the nutrients they need.

The Martin Family treats their birds with respect and care, producing an exceptional product for your Thanksgiving table. Guarantee a Martin Heritage Farm turkey for your holiday by reserving your bird today!

Breasted Thanksgiving Turkey

Broad-breasted turkeys are the Thanksgiving standard breed for turkeys, offering a larger breast size and, therefore, plenty of white meat.

$7.49 per pound
Martin Heritage Ranch
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All turkeys delivered frozen. Medium sized turkeys will range from 12-15 pounds on average. Large sized turkeys will range from 16-20 pounds on average. Individual weights may vary. Available for delivery weeks of November 12 and 21 ONLY.

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Turkeys basking in the Texan sun on Martin Heritage Farm as babies in August. 

Connor Martin (right) with the flock of Thanksgiving turkeys he is raising for Farmhouse Delivery. 

The Martin family (left to right: Connor, Daniel, Debbie with pup Quincy, Ashleigh, and Ben) with friend, farmer, neighbor, and bacon processor, Eric Budd.

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