We Are Listening.

Like many others, we have been listening and learning this week. Community is the foundation of our company and supporting local will always be our primary mission. In keeping with these values, we vow to always stand by the black community and fight Read More

Meet Our Local Meat Specialist, Tony

Lately, it’s hard to turn on the news without hearing about the meat industry. From shortages and limitations, to fear of safety and quality issues, it’s hard to know what to trust and expect. At Farmhouse Delivery, our mission is…

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Baby Leeks 101

This week’s Produce Box features baby leeks. They kind of look like really big green onions or scallions, but they also look like smallish regular leeks. It’s confusing, right? Well, we’re here to give you a little Onion 101…

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7 Things Chef Matt is Cooking This Summer

Here at Farmhouse Delivery, we have our very own in-house culinary team led by the innovative Chef Matt Taylor. Chef Matt has been cooking for over 15 years with notable Texan restaurants under his belt including Wink and Swift’s Attic…

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