Pharm Table Proves That Food Is The Best (Tasting!) Medicine

Pharm Table is not only a Farmhouse vendor, they’re San Antonio’s top-rated organic restaurant. Chef and Owner Elizabeth Johnson, named “Food as Medicine Guru” by the James Beard Foundation, proves that food can be both healthy and delicious at the same time.  CIA alum and former head of CIA’s Latin American department draws inspiration from Ayurveda (an ancient holistic approach from India) as well as Blue Zone guidelines for Pharm Table’s inspired menu. With the mission to share real, farm-fresh meals that promote a better quality of life, Pharm Table serves a variety of colorful, creative, plant-based dishes that help reduce inflammation, decrease risk of heart disease, and provide a cleansing & balanced diet for overall health and well-being. 

 Pharm Table is  dedicated to promoting vitality by reinventing comfort foods and eliminating inflammatory ingredients like dairy, wheat, and processed sugar. Customers know that a healthy diet like this can help protect against potential health problems arising from chronic inflammation, which is one of the many reasons why regulars sometimes return for dinner two or three nights in a row! In addition to the healthy and flavorful seasonal menus, the restaurant setting is a rustic and zen farmhouse decor, centrally located across from the Tobin Center in downtown San Antonio.

Pharm Table also supports community by sourcing fresh produce and meats from Texas farmers, ranchers, and producers whose practices and products they know and trust. Always in support of good food that’s good for you, we’re excited to collaborate with Pharm Table and to offer a selection of their delicious salads, snacks and desserts. If you can’t get to San Antonio just yet, you can find their products here.

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