Reduce Waste: How To Use Every Bit of Your Produce

Did you know that the bulk of American food waste happens in our homes?*

Next time you open your fresh, colorful box of produce, take a look at your vegetables and fruits. There are so many parts to our produce that we don’t think to use.  Before you chop the stems and leaves off your carrots, throw your strawberry tops in the trash, or peel those potatoes – think twice! Unlock the potential of your fruits and veggies and reduce food waste in your own kitchen.

Here are some great ideas to help reduce waste, save you money & get the most from your produce:

  • Sauté Those Greens: Sauté radish, turnip, and beet greens in oil and garlic (as you would sauté spinach) for a yummy side dish.
  • Hack That Celery: Add celery leaves to salad greens for roughage or use as a garnish for any celery dish. Next, use celery roots to make a mayo dressed slaw.
  • Stock Up: Use onion skins and the dark green parts of leeks to make stock.
  • Don’t Cry Over Wasted Onions : Turn the dark green tops of scallions into pretty soup and salad garnishes- they are perfectly edible! Chop, slice, or wrap around your bowl.
  • Be Corny: After taking the kernels from a corn cob, simmer the cobs in a water and create a broth that’s a perfect base for a summer soup.
  • Harness The Power of Potatoes: After removing any eyes from your potatoes, turn potato peels into crisps- fry them in oil and season generously with salt. Serve with your choice of dipping sauce for a salty summer snack.
  • Make Peel-y Good Citrus Sweets: Candy lemon and orange peels for a natural dessert. Boil in sugar water and roll in more sugar for a super sweet treat!
  • Beverage Up Those Berries: Use the tops of strawberries to flavor and garnish a pitcher of water, sangria, or lemonade.
  • Prepare a Carroty Pesto Using Leaves and Stems: Chop the tops of carrots and make your very own carrot pesto.
  • Stir-fry Your Broccoli & Cauliflower Stems: The florets of broccoli are typically regarded as the best part. However, the stem can contain just as much flavor! You can always slice broccoli stems into rounds and roast or throw into a flavorful stir fry. Throw cauliflower greens into a roasted cauliflower pasta.


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