Regenerative Farming is the Driving Philosophy at Roam Ranch

Like many family ranchers and farmers, Katie Forrest and Taylor Collins of Roam Ranch began their business as a labor of love. This couple, both native Austinites, passionate athletes, and former vegans, have centered their lives around a passion for making healthy protein-based products that create a net-positive return on the planet, allow for the regeneration of land as well as the humane, natural raising of animals. They began experiencing diet-related health issues that were affecting their athletic performances and general well-being, so they researched alternative diets and practices. In the process, they learned that much of the agriculture that allowed for vegan and vegetarian diets could be just as harmful for the environment as some of the industrial livestock raising practices.

Katie and Taylor turned to raising their own animals and creating their own healthy protein-based foods. In their journey to becoming “conscious carnivores”, they further discovered that eating meat from livestock that had been raised regeneratively could actually help reverse climate change. The couple began Roam Ranch in 2017 as a venture they knew would be a challenge, since the land had been depleted from a century of over-farming. They made their home on this picturesque 450-acre ranch outside of Fredricksburg, determined to bring the degraded land back to its fertile foundations. Roam Ranch raises a variety of livestock including bison, cows, pigs, chickens, and turkeys, to mimic the diversity found in this part of the world in its natural state. The coexistence of the farm animals has regenerated the land and allowed each species to flourish. Roam Ranch bison and other animals are 100% grass fed and free of added hormones and antibiotics.

In addition to selling their quality pasture-raised meats, Roam Ranch hosts a variety of educational and holiday events for those who wish to learn more about the environmental benefits regenerative practices and see the Roam Ranch livestock and farm animals, all while visiting this beautiful landscape in the heart of Texas Hill Country.

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