Vendor Spotlight: Siete!

(Photo Credit: Siete Foods)

We (safely!) chatted with our very good friends and Farmhouse Delivery vendor, Siete, to discuss some of the ways they are still celebrating family, enjoying delicious meals, and staying active during Quarantine. Here’s what they had to share with us!

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We know Siete is a company very focused on family, with so many people not able to celebrate holidays and other events with family members right now, how is the Siete family ringing in summer festivities? What can others do to celebrate without missing out on any of the fun?

This time of the year, one of our family’s favorite activities are carne asadas. We love coming together on warm summer nights, under papel picado, with crickets chirping in the grass, the smell of the food from the grill in the air, and a cool drink in hand. For now, our family is celebrating summer from our respective homes, and connecting virtually. But, speaking of papel picado, our team has recently created a Siete Activity Book, which includes printable versions of some papel picado to color, alongside some other fun at-home activities for you this season! Perfect for little ones, or the young at heart.

We love having Siete as a part of the Farmhouse Delivery family and our mission of supporting local brands and farmers, can you tell us what being a local brand and working with local resources means to you?

Siete Family Foods was born in Laredo, but grew up in Austin, Texas. Supporting local, to us, means working with the people who have played such a large part in our family’s story, and have reserved such a huge part of our hearts. It’s an honor and a true celebration of community. 

Are there any fun recipes our Farmhouse Family should be trying this summer? What Siete products and recipes are must-haves for a Siete-style carne asada?

Lately, our focus has been on creating tasty, simple, accessible recipes, made from only a handful ingredients. As it turns out, we’ve actually had a lot of fun experimenting with the versatility of our foods. For example, using our: Taco Seasoning to make a Sweet and Spicy Mixed Nuts; Habanero Hot Sauce in a Wellness Shot; and our Green and Red Enchilada Sauces for Egg Bakes.We’re delighted to share that some of these recipes are actually straight from the remote kitchens of our Siete team members! 

To pull off a Siete-style carne asada, the first and most important ingredient is…(drumroll…) love! What makes carne asadas so special to our family is how they bring everyone together—virtually, this year! So, the rest is just a bonus. We will, however, add that tacos of any kind, meat off the barbecue, and festive drinks might be a nice touch.

We’ve noticed you guys have recently started a fun series called “Juntos at Home”, can you tell us anymore about that program and how our family can get involved?

Yes! Our family believes “Juntos es Mejor,” (together is better); so our Juntos at Home is an Instagram Live Series that we have started in hopes of inspiring community and connectivity (and hopefully some entertainment!) while staying at home. We have been so lucky to host some of our Siete familia and special guests on this series, showcasing their interests, hobbies, and talents in an interactive format—think: backyard farm animal tours, easy flauta and mexican pizza recipe-tutorials, workouts from home, music performances, y más! For each friend we bring on, we are also donating to their charity of choice, in their name. We’d love to hear from you during one of these sessions—please tune-in, and don’t be shy!

We know there must be more under those rolled up sleeves at Siete. Is there anything else exciting coming up that our Farmhouse Family can look forward to?

This season, like so many others, our Siete familia is sticking together by connecting virtually, and celebrating locally. We’re excited to share that Tuesday, May 5th, we will be premiering a virtual performance on Siete Foods YouTube by local musicians and artists.

Gracias, Siete!

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