Farmhouse Delivery: Thanksgiving 2017 FAQ’s


Can I order if I am not a current customer?

Most definitely! We want to help make your Thanksgiving as delicious and worry-free as possible with local, ethically sourced ingredients. When you sign up, simply register your account with the turkey deposit item. We’d love to have you stay on after the holiday, but if not, just let us know when you’d like you to swing by and pick up the delivery box/bag.

If you are having issues with registration, feel free to contact our customer care team.


When will my turkey be delivered?

Your delivery day will be determined by your zip code and our observed holiday schedule. If you are new to the site, please click the JOIN NOW button on the Farmhouse Delivery home page to access our zip code locator tool. Holiday deliveries will occur between 11/14-11/22. You can either elect to receive delivery on a regular service day from 11/14-11/17 or from 11/19-11/22 (days determined by our holiday schedule).


Holiday Schedule 2017 (effective 11/19-11/22)

11/19: Delivery for all Tuesday customers

11/20: Delivery for all Wednesday customers

11/21: Delivery for all Thursday customers

11/22: Delivery for all Friday customers


What farm did my turkey come from?

This year we are partnering with 3 different farms; Your Texan turkey will be making it’s way to us from either: Parker Creek, Natural Champion, or Whitehurst Heritage


Is my turkey organic?

You can trust that your turkey from Farmhouse delivery is 100% locally sourced and pasture- raised. Because we deal with small family farms, many cannot afford the lengthy and expensive USDA organic certification process. While not USDA certified organic, our standards for humane treatment, adherence to organic farming practices, and quality meet and exceed those of larger, certified-organic competitors.


How do I thaw my turkey and how long will it take?

There are 2 methods you can use, you can either thaw the turkey in your refrigerator (RECOMMENDED) or in an ice bath if you are pressed for time.



Thaw breast side up, in an unopened wrapper on a tray in the fridge.

Allow at least 1 day of thawing for every 4 lbs.


Thaw breast side down, in an unopened wrapper, with enough cold water to cover your turkey completely.

Change water every 30 minutes to keep the turkey chilled.

Estimate a minimum thawing time of 30 minutes per lb.


Will my turkey arrive frozen?

Yes, your Thanksgiving turkey will arrive frozen to ensure your holiday bird maintains a safe temperature during it’s journey to you.. All turkey deliveries arriving between the date of 11/14-11/19 will arrive frozen solid. Any turkeys arriving between 11/20-11/22 will be subject to a “pre-thaw” process to save you time & stress closer to the holiday. Please note that even with delivery 11-19-11/22, you will still need to allot ample time to thaw your turkey.


How do I request a specific size of turkey?

After your turkey deposit has been processed, you will receive an email with a link to a Google Form. Please submit any special weight requests for your Turkey via that link.


My plans have changed and I no longer need my turkey. Can I have a refund?

All turkey deposits are NON-refundable once they have been processed. Please do not place a deposit in your cart unless you are sure you want a turkey. If you wish to cancel a turkey deposit before it has been billed, please contact our Customer Care team immediately.  If you need to cancel a turkey order, please submit your cancel request at 10am 2 days prior to delivery day.   


What size turkey should I get? How many people will __lbs of turkey feed?

Whether you are feeding a large or small crowd, we recommend allotting 1 lb to 1.5 lbs of turkey per diner. Estimating at 1.5 lbs per person will ensure that there are leftovers to go around


If I get my deliveries at my office, can I have a holiday delivery sent to my house?

Since different offices have different holiday schedules, we want to hear from you about what would work best. For Thanksgiving, if delivery to your office will not work, please let us know if you would prefer to receive a delivery to your home. If so, your delivery address will need to be updated 72 hours prior to delivery and then changed back to the office after the holiday.


What if my delivery day is Thursday/ Friday, how will I get my holiday order?

You can either elect to receive delivery the week before Thanksgiving on 11/16-11/17 or on 11/21-11/22  when we observe our holiday schedule.


If I am a bi-weekly customer and I am not scheduled for delivery the week of the holiday, how can I order on Thanksgiving week?

Would you like us to modify your bushel delivery dates? We’d be happy to do so; Just feel free to email our customer care team for assistance:

If you do not need a bushel but are expecting a turkey, once your holiday bird is in your basket, you can place an order regardless of having a bushel or Supper Club in your basket.

If you do not plan to receive a turkey, but you’d still like to order all the fixin’s for your meal, please let our customer service team know and we can make sure you are allowed to order a-la-carte for that week*.

*All a-la-carte orders much reach a $75 minimum subtotal to be fulfilled


Will my Turkey have the neck/gizzards? Do I need to remove those?

We have a few turkey available that do not have the neck/gizzards. If you would like that option, please place your order as soon as possible. The majority of our Thanksgiving birds will have necks/gizzards included in a separate pouch inside the cavity of the bird.