Meet The Maker: Tiny House Coffee

Every cup of coffee has a story behind it- do you know yours? Helen and Blake of Tiny House Coffee are on a mission to ‘create a better world with better coffee’, one cup at a time. The duo met as Peace Corps Volunteers in Nicaragua working closely with local coffee farmers. After witnessing the hardships faced by small producers, they decided to launch Tiny House Coffee, dedicated to bringing delicious, responsibly-sourced coffee to Austin and beyond.

“The tiny house movement taught us to dream big by thinking small. That means collaborating with small producers and obsessing over the little details essential to excellent coffee. At Tiny House Coffee, our goal is simple: a better world with better coffee,” said Blake.

What factors are important when sourcing coffee? 

“Most importantly, every farmer needs to be committed to excellence and improving both their coffee and their community. We start by vetting the farmer, their farm, their impact on the community and, of course, their coffee. We aren’t just looking for great coffees, we are looking for great coffees that help make a great community.”

What makes Casita Cold Brew exceptional? What went into making the best cold brew in Texas?

It has to be the care we put into each and every step, from sourcing amazing green coffee to precision roasting and craft brewing each batch in-house. We control every part of the process, and at each step, we are dedicated to greatness. We are proud members of GoTexan and we will always roast and brew our coffees right in the heart of Texas. The Texas coffee culture is growing in both scope and sophistication, and we are proud to be contributing to that growth.”

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee:

  • Buy fresh and local brands- Local brands provide freshly roasted coffee that haven’t traveled across the country in a hot UPS truck.
  • Have the right tools (scale, burr grinder, clean water)- It is amazing how much a good grinder will instantly improve your morning cup.
  • Weight over volume- Try using a scale over eyeballing a particular volume of coffee. Weight will always be more accurate and help you to dial in on your preferred cup.
  • Grind fresh- Always grind your coffee right before brewing
  • Adjust to your liking- There is no one perfect cup of coffee but there is YOUR perfect cup. Don’t be afraid to experiment with more or less water, finer or coarser grinds to find what that is.


Cold Brew Concentrate, 1.5L
Tiny House Coffee

Tres Barras Pulped Natural, 12 oz
Tiny House Coffee

La Casita, 12 oz
Tiny House Coffee


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