6 Ideas for Jazzing Up Your Burgers

Break out the grill – it’s high time for burger season! Whether you are a beef burger purist or you’re more of a lean bison lover, inventive toppings can keep your burger game fresh and fun. From kimchi to seasonal veggie slaw, here are some burger ideas for you to try this summer, all inspired by local ingredients.

The Classic

This standby burger will please everybody at the dinner table- offer a selection of unique toppings such as grated cheese, Madge’s Foods Rainbow or Rueben Kraut, and pickles!

The Patty: Peeler Farms Ground Wagyu Beef

The bun: Slow Dough Challah Buns

Toppings: Veldhuizen Farm Classic Cheddar, sliced tomatoes, artisan pickles, Madge’s Foods Rainbow or Rueben Kraut

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Photo Credit: White on Rice Couple

Lemongrass Pork & Kimchi Burger

This pork burger borrows inspiration from Asian flavors, specifically sweet and tangy kimchi.

The Patty: Peaceful Pork Ground Pork, seasoned with minced garlic and fresh lemongrass

The Bun: Slow Dough Challah Buns

Toppings: Kimchi Mayonnaise made with Farmhouse Kitchen Rose Garlic Kimchi

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The Greek

Go for Greek with this lamb burger, fitted into a hearty pita pocket instead of a bun.

The patty: Hudspeth River Ranch Ground Lamb, seasoned with dried oregano

The bun: White or Whole Wheat Pita Bread

Toppings: Tzatziki (plain yogurt mixed with grated cucumber) and feta cheese

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Goat & Goat

Want to impress your guests? Go for a unique meat like goat and pair with fresh and delicate goat cheese for extra decadence.

The patty: Ground Goat, seasoned with herbs de Provence, salt and pepper

The Bun: Slow Dough Pretzel Buns

Toppings: Bee Tree Goat Cheese mixed with minced shallot and chopped basil + mint

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Paleo Burger Wraps

Trying to avoid carbs? Wrap your burger patties in crisp lettuce to avoid the extra calories.

The Patty: Dear Run Land and Cattle Company Lean Longhorn Ground Beef

The Bun: Cabbage or Lettuce Cups

Toppings: Apple and Celery Slaw or Spicy Cabbage and Carrot Slaw

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Pork and Pretzel Burger

This burger is truly every beer lover’s dream- go for a lean wild boar that pairs beautifully with spicy mustard, pickles, and a fresh pretzel bun.

The Patty: Sloane Dennis Ground Wild Boar

The Bun: Slow Dough Pretzel Buns

Toppings: Farmhouse Kitchen Whole Grain Mustard, Farmhouse Kitchen Pickles

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