A Conversation with Wagyu Excelente | Premium Grass Fed Beef

Meet Tom Kelly and Kevin Griffin of Wagyu Excelente, the third- and fourth-generation cattlemen and  good stewards running the largest private ranch in Fort Davis, Texas: The Gearthart Ranch. Situated on 32,000 acres of native grasslands and fertile soil and 3,000 more acres on Hi View Ranch in Midlothian, Texas, this is where they raise full-blood Tajima Wagyu Sires from birth to harvest, combining old-world ranching ethics with sustainable and holistic practices.
We asked them about the #1 marbling breed in the world and their 100 year old traditions.

Farmhouse Delivery: We love Wagyu at Farmhouse. Tell us about your American Wagyu Beef!

Wagyu Excelente: We started the herd over 9 years ago from 4 animals that came over from Japan in the ‘70s. Marbling aside, it has a richness and softness to it. Plus it has better-for-you fat, too. Especially if you have high cholesterol…Omega 3 and 6 (as much as Salmon)

Farmhouse Delivery: What are your traditions at Wagyu Excelente, and the history behind them?

Wagyu Excelente: Part of the Japanese tradition is the richness of the grain – an added thing not in domestic beef.  Our herd is fed a natural 100% vegetable-based grain feed, including rations of Brewer’s grain. In addition, our holistic livestock management simulates natural herd action which is essential to plant grazing, plus nutrient and water recycling (and distribution.)

Farmhouse Delivery: Can you tell us about your holistic livestock management?

Wagyu Excelente:  All animals are held in an environment based on a design by Dr. Temple Grandin, one of the industry’s top authorities on Animal Welfare who’s spent 30 years looking through the eyes of the cow for perspective. She can get inside the head of an animal and know when it feels unsafe, focusing on curved loading chutes to calm their nerves, and so they’ll move at their own volition.

Farmhouse Delivery:  What’s something you’ve learned over the years that’s informed your production?

Wagyu Excelente: Making it an art to have a limited supply. (There are estimated to be less than 5,000 Full Blood Wagyu in the US.)

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