Turnip the Heat In Your Kitchen

Turnips can be whipped with butter, sauteed into a hash, spread across a sheet pan, or mashed, just like potatoes (but with more of a bite!)

They’re hearty with a peppery kick, and the perfect complement to our favorite proteins. Fruitful Hill Farm has taken over our shelves at Farmhouse with their just-harvested Japanese Turnips so if you’re craving a new go-to veggie, we highly recommend adding them to your cart this week. They’re crunchy, flavorful, and fresh off the farm. (We know this to be true because dirt is often still on the bulbs – a tall tale sign of a fresh batch!)  

Beyond just their freshness and flavor though, they are loaded with nutritional benefits. Farmhouse friends and Holistic Health Coaches from Simply Seasonal are back again to give y’all some insight on why turnips are a delicious, nutritious secret weapon to have in your cooking tool belt. 

Turnips might look like “root veggies” but they are actually part of the cruciferous family, which help clear toxins from the liver and contributes to a healthy and well-balanced gut flora.

❷ Turnips make for a great transition from winter into spring. The fiber-rich bulb is filling, yet less starchy than potato or grains which help us lighten up as we begin to transition into spring.

The white color tells us they are sweepers, meaning full of cancer-fighting compounds that clear away free radicals.

Don’t miss out on the turnip greens! They are full of nutrition and offer a pungent bitter flavor, similar to mustard greens. The bitter flavor is important to include in our diets to stimulate the liver which filters the blood and allows the body to fight off disease and function with ease. The bitter flavor also helps to cleanse the palate and sugar cravings to aid in weight loss.

-Holistic Health Coaches Megan Magill & Cara Miller of Simply Seasonal Cooking Show and Podcast

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