A Letter From Our Team

Over the past year we’ve been forced to slow down, reassess and adapt as a community. We were reminded of this when an unprecedented winter storm moved through Texas this week leaving millions without power or water and completely destroying crops and farmland across the state. 

 Our goal from the start was to keep our team as safe as possible, while providing our partners with support and getting food to our customers. Over the past week, we worked in real-time to assess each day through that lens, and while we are back in our warehouse and deliveries have resumed, we’re working with a significantly reduced crew and delivery vans, as well as disruptions to the supply chain.

 Nonetheless, we’re proud to have the opportunity to warm and nourish our fellow Texans by getting fresh food to our customers and to communities in need. We feel honored to be able to support our partners – a group of farmers, ranchers and producers who are relentless in sharing their love and passion for sustainable food. In the days leading up to the freezing weather, we worked closely with our partners to purchase as much product as we could, and in the days that followed, we’ve been steadfast in committing to buying the products that made it through the freeze, while also strategizing and planning for future harvests.

 In response to the devastation and loss experienced by our partners, we’ve set up a Texas Farmers Relief Fund on our website in partnership with Texas Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (TOFGA), the leading voice of education and advocacy for organic food production in Texas. The funds will go directly toward supporting our local farmers and ranchers who battled freezing temperatures, water and power outages, and significant loss and setbacks to their animals and crops. The road to recovery is expected to be long and we committed to supporting them in every way we can. Please join us by making a donation here!

As the state begins to defrost and restore power and water over the coming days, we will be working diligently to serve the community the best way we know how, through food and partnership. We thank you for your patience, understanding, and shopping your values towards a healthy, sustainable and strong food community. 

With gratitude,

Team Farmhouse


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