Farmhouse Loves: Online Yoga

Farmhouse Loves: Online Yoga

You know those days when you put on your cute workout clothes (hi, Outdoor Voices!) with every good intention in the world, only to realize that it’s time to start thinking about dinner and you never actually worked out? Yeah, us too. We love a sweaty session at Black Swan as much as the next person, but when it comes to getting our Om on on the regular, it’s better if we remove all obstacles. Online yoga to the rescue! With access to pretty much every style, level, length, and focus, you can find your perfect match for where you are right now. Here are three of our current favorites!

Yoga with Adriene – Filmed in Austin, Adriene’s classes are all about finding what feels good for you. With hundreds and hundreds of free classes online (some led by dear Farmhouse Friend Marnie Castor, this is our go-to online yoga community.

Yoga with Tim  – Challenging workouts with an Iyengar foundation, Tim’s classes are fun and lighthearted, and his Vinyasa flow sequences leave us feeling energized and strong. 30 day yoga challenge, anyone?

Yoga Green Book – Created in 2016 by founder Carla Christine in response to the need in the black community to have affirming, location-independent, holistic resources for healing and health, YGB is now the largest video library of yoga classes by black teachers. Teachers and classes pay homage to Indian and African teachings and texts, and the videos are instructional and range in time, level, and focus area so you have the time to maintain a consistent, customized practice. 

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