A Conversation With Thunderheart Bison: Eating Meat Sustainably

Living sustainably goes beyond ditching plastic. It’s about sourcing food from people that prioritize resource conservation, taking care of the earth, and setting the menu with proteins like bison that support biodiversity, and sustain our grasslands, which in-turn sustains them! This week Farmhouse sat down with Hugh Fitzsimons of Thunderheart Bison. He gives us a break-down on how to honor the animal we’re consuming, and the environment…while simultaneously enjoying a delicious main course. (Red Curry Bison Short Ribs with Lime & Coconut say what?!)

Farmhouse Delivery: Tell us how you got started!

Thunderheart Bison: I was inspired by my associations with the Native American community in 1998, 22 years ago. We don’t touch our bison when we let them loose on the land…we strictly raise the animal on nothing but grass and alfalfa cubes. The idea is to get away from the feedlot model because it’s bad for the animal.

Farmhouse Delivery: How is Thunderheart changing the way we consume meat?

Thunderheart Bison: Grass-fed and field harvesting are the two things that set us apart. (We are the only one that does both in the state of Texas!)

Farmhouse Delivery: How does harvesting your bison positively impact the Texas land?

Thunderheart Bison: As far as the land goes, Bison are adept at restoring land. Their hoof is the shape of a sharp spade rather than being flat like a cow. It digs into the earth, making a divot big enough to plant a seed in. Their coat is much like velcro, picking up seeds as they wallow. When then they go wallow somewhere else, they are acting as a pollinator!

Farmhouse Delivery: How does eating pastured meat like bison fit into the ethos of living sustainably?

Thunderheart Bison: Bison can provide everything – from wool and leather to meat. You can spend your lifetime utilizing this animal. Plus, the animals sustain our grasslands (and themselves!) only needing three things to live: food, water, and each other. 


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