Supper Club: Meal Kits By Farmhouse Delivery

Cook for your family like you just went to the Farmer’s Market.
  • Weekly meal kit delivery with everything you need to make amazing meals quickly with most meals requiring 20 minutes or less hands-on time
  • Produce and proteins exclusively from Texas farmers and ranchers using sustainable and organic practices
  • Too Busy or going out of town? Supper Club makes it easy to skip a week
  • Reusable packaging – we pick it up for you
  • Starting at just $48 per week!

Based around seasonal cooking, our weekly-changing menu items showcase the best of local proteins, seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meals like coffee-rubbed Augustus Ranch Cattle Co. skirt steak with Farmhouse Kitchen chimichurri, Windy Meadows Farm chicken tenders with house made honey mustard, and slow cooker red beans and rice are made easy for you and your family to enjoy.

On a weekly basis, you’ll receive the proteins, vegetables, sauces, spices, and a recipe to create a complete meal in under an hour. The cost is $12 per serving, with a minimum of 4 servings per week. That means you can mix and match (i.e. 2 servings of one menu item and 2 servings of another). You’ll get a new menu every Sunday morning, when you can select your favorite meals. Out of town or unable to receive Supper Club the next week? All you have to do is click a button to skip your delivery that week.

How To Get Started:

  1. Add the Supper Club Subscription to your cart.
  2. You’ll receive an email with the next available week of meals (please note the date on the menu as the week you’ll receive your first delivery).
  3. Select at least 4 servings of your favorite meal options.
  4. Receive your meal kits on your designated delivery day. Cook, eat, and enjoy!

To start your subscription, add the Supper Club Subscription to your cart here:

*A $20 one-time membership fee will be applied to your first delivery

Here are some examples of menus we’ve offered in the past:




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