Ultimate Farmhouse Delivery Thanksgiving Menu 2018

Happy Thanksgiving, Farmhouse friends! We want you to have a bountiful dinner table, filled with nutritionally-dense dishes made with delicious, local ingredients. We are offering up our ideal menu, completely driven by in-season produce and meats sourced in Texas.


The best way to keep your kitchen clear of hungry guests is to put out an appetizer plate. A cheese plate is a great way to keep the adults happy, but you could also put out some raw, snacky veggies for the little ones. Epicurious has over a hundred incredible ideas for Thanksgiving appetizers, but the goal here is to keep snacks as simple as possible. Delegate the task to a non-cook; Almost anybody can assemble our Holiday Cheese Board or Chipotle Cheese Ball served with Sourdough Crackers!


Whether you’re a hard and fast roast turkey traditionalist or your family is willing to experiment with a new recipe (deep fried, anyone?) the bird is always the star of the show. You could brine your bird in a flavorful bath, or even go for the dry-brine if your fridge isn’t big enough. If anything else, don’t make the mistake of skipping the gravy!

Pasture-Raised Turkey

Farmhouse Kitchen Brine Kit

Farmhouse Kitchen Compound Butter

Farmhouse Kitchen Brown Gravy


It typically depends on what part of the country you’re from, but cornbread stuffing and herbed bread stuffing are the two main camps. If you’d like to keep your meal more veggie-friendly, you don’t have to add crumbled sausage but you definitely cannot skip on good quality bread!

Cornbread dressing is a southern favorite no Texan Thanksgiving should go without. With our New! Farmhouse Kitchen Cornbread Dressing Kit, all you have to do is mix and bake!

Big Green Salad

Don’t knock a big green salad on your holiday table! A bright, crunchy salad is a perfect complement to traditional holiday dishes. The lucky thing is that you don’t even have to plan your own salad out- our New! Farmhouse Kitchen Roasted Butternut and Apple Salad Bundle is an easy-to-make kit for a sweet and savory side that’s sure to be a winner at your Thanksgiving table. Roasted butternut and apples pile over fresh lettuce with spiced pecans and our house-made Apple Dijon Vinaigrette.


You know, you could make a pie. You could even make your own crust. But to be completely honest with you, our New! Farmhouse Delivery Pie Bundles are the way to go. Just-like-homemade pie dough comes with decadent fillings (apple, pumpkin, and pecan), it’s basically like you’re making it yourself! Grab this seasonal staff favorite- we look forward to it year round! Plus, we’ve added a whole new selection of cookies from the Steeping Room and Farmhouse Kitchen. Satisfy your sweet tooth and shop New! Holiday Desserts & Bakery.

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