Texas (Father’s) Day Trips

You don’t have to go very far to get a taste of a different side of Texas. This Father’s Day, ditch the daily routine, pile the family in the car and set your sights on adventure.

Get your Fill of BBQ in Lockhart Texas

Photo Credit: Smitty’s Market

When you get a hankering for authentic barbecue, look no further than Lockhart,Texas. We can’t promise there won’t be lines, but trust us, this is the real deal. Head out to Black’s BBQ, the oldest BBQ place owned by a single family in all of Texas. Take a seat at their red and white checkered altar to smoked meat and let the feasting begin.

Take your pick of any of their menu offerings and rest assured it will be delicious. We recommend ordering the giant beef rib. We’re so used to eating hand-held pork ribs that we often forget how big cows really are. Get ready for a fun surprise when this 9” long feat of meat arrives on a plate.

Once you’ve gained your second wind, head on over to Smitty’s MarketWe love this family run BBQ joint for its old world feel. Meat is smoked over an open flame in the restaurant, you’ll be wrapped in a delicious smokey heat as you walk by. Grab a folding chair in Smitty’s new no frills dining room where you can let the sweat drip as you devour sausage, brisket and ribs in the company of locals and visitors alike. Make sure you stop by the ATM before you come, this blast from the past only accepts cash.

For a quick-pick-me up to avoid food-coma on the drive home, stop into Chaparell Coffee, right across from the Beautiful Cladwell County courthouse. Get your caffeine fix from a locally owned cafe that feels like a little bit of ‘weird’ broke out of Austin and floated down to Lockhart right into this eclectic espresso shop.

Catch Waves in Wimberly

Photo Credit: Cypress Falls Swimming Hole

Those eager to explore the outdoors should head down to Wimberly, Texas, home of swimming holes and crave-worthy comfort food. For families with little ones Blue Hole Regional park makes for a perfect swimming sanctuary complete with lush walking paths and a playground. If dad wants to practice his deep dives and cannon balls head over to Jacob’s Well. Just call ahead to see if they are accepting reservations.

Cypress Falls Swimming Hole doesn’t show up on as many lists and blogs as its aforementioned Wimberly cousins, but this beautiful body of water is just as inviting. The refreshing natural pool along Cypress creek is the perfect spot for swimming, fishing and even tubing. If you’ve already explored Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well, give Cypress Falls a try, you won’t be sorry.

Photo Credit: The Back Porch Wimberly

Once the family has had their fun in the water and stomachs start to rumble, return to shore and follow the smell of bbq and burgers to The Back Porch Wimberly. As its name indicates, this town staple is known for its large airy patio that overlooks the water.

After a day in the sun you’ll be eager to sink your teeth into one of their famous 48 hour pulled pork sandwiches. Or if dad is really hungry, order him The Hambulance– an all beef patty topped with pulled pork, bacon, and cheddar and a side of home fried  potato chips. Residents of Wimberly call The Back Porch  their church. Its become a place where they can gather and enjoy beautiful vistas with the added bonus of a 52 hour brisket that other churches are sorely lacking.

If a taste of  rustic farm-to-table food is what you’re craving, Wimberly is home to a long time Farmhouse favorite- The Leaning Pear. From fresh salads with creative dressings to hand crafted sandwiches and wood fired pizza all inspired by the flavors of hill country, the Pear is sure to please any palate.

No day in the sun is complete without a sweet finish. After lunch make your way to the Sugar Shack for a slice of pie or generously iced cinnamon roll. They even have gluten free options!


Stay Close to Home

Photo Credit: Revival Market

Sometimes the last thing you want to do on Father’s Day is go for a long drive. We’ve found a few local happenings to keep your day special.

Local and sustainably sourced butcher shop Revival Market in Houston is hosting their annual Father’s Day Pig Roast from 2:00-6:00 pm. Tickets available now.

Blue Starlite Drive In is hosting a Father’s Day feature of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Drive down to Manchaca, TX and enjoy a night under the stars complete with gourmet snacks like cheese plates, s’mores and of course popcorn from the new Starlite Saloon. Tickets available now.

Treat dad to a personalized feast of steak and potatoes from Farmhouse Delivery. The rich ribeye from Augustus Ranch is best pan seared and simple. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your potatoes, compound butter and bushel veggies.

If dad’s a fan of mashed potatoes boil and whip those spuds with cream and add a delightful herby buttery finish with the compound butter. More of a steak frites father? After searing your steak, let a pat of compound butter melt on top to create a delicious crust. Slice potatoes into thin strips, roast with salt and oil  at 400 F for 30 minutes or until slightly crispy and serve with your favorite aioli or classic ketchup.

From our farmhouse family to yours happy Father’s Day.

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