How To Grill Everything In Your Produce Box

Grill through your entire Produce Box with these ideas for grilled veggies, including ideas for everything in your delivery this week. From sweet and smoky Grilled Okra with Red Curry Lime Dressing to charring peaches for ice cream or cobbler, every vegetable has its place on the grill.


Okra’s tough skin makes it one of the best veggies to throw on a hot grill- the insides stay tender and sweet while the outside gains a smoky and charred flavor that complements any dressing or sauce. In this recipe for Grilled Okra with Red Curry Lime Dressing (Food and Wine), “Okra gets charred and tender on the grill; tossing it with lime and store-bought curry paste gives it great flavor.” Be sure to dry okra thoroughly, as the velvety skins will absorb more marinade when completely dry. Skewer okra using two skewers, one through each end, to prevent the smaller okra from rolling into the grill grates.

Sweet Corn

Sweet corn is the darling vegetable of grill season- no matter which way you throw it on, the corn only gets sweeter as the hot grill grates cook the kernels. After removing the husks and oiling the clean grates of your grill, simply place the whole ear of corn directly on the grill. To serve, go for a simple butter/salt/pepper spread, try Mexican Street Corn (Serious Eats) style or opt for an out of the box option with this Grilled Corn with Jerk Mayo and Coconut (Food and Wine).


Sweet, seasonal carrots truly shine when paired with bold, spicy flavors and a good char. Something to keep in mind when grilling carrots is that their naturally high sugar content makes them more likely to burn under high heat. To prevent this, place carrots over indirect heat and close the cover so that they cook all the way through before the skins char. Try this Recipe: Grilled Carrots with Cumin-Serrano Yogurt (Bon Appetit)

Green Beans

Grab a grill basket to get the best char on this summer produce favorite- these skinny beans will fall into the fire without a vessel with smaller holes. Toss green beans in a light dressing of olive oil, salt and pepper, and then top with fresh lemon juice for a simple side.Try this Recipe: Three-Ingredient Charred Green Beans with Ricotta and Lemon (Epicurious)

Greens (Kale/Collards/Chard)

Greens are great on the grill as their bittering characteristics are complemented with high heat and char. Grill greens (make sure they are completely dry) at the very last minute before serving your meal, as they take very little time to cook through. Drizzle with a spicy or savory sauce or complement with a cooling yogurt sauce to finish the dish. Try This Recipe: Grilled Greens and Leek Tops with Chile-Garlic Sauce (Saveur)


Grilling fruit is easy, delicious, and makes. for a stunning display on any dessert plate. The sugars in seasonal fruit caramelize beautifully on the grill, just be sure to throughly oil the grates and turn the heat down to cook the fruit before it burns. Stone fruit have a great surface for grilling, like in this recipe for Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Ice Cream (What’s Gaby Cookin’). Substitute peaches with plums, nectarines, or apricots as well. For smaller berries, opt for grilled cakes or cobblers as these fruits will fall into the fire without something to hold them together (and berries don’t skewer very easily). Try this recipe: Grilled Berry Cobbler (Clean Eating Magazine)

Red Onions

Onions are one of the best veggies to grill- they soften and caramelize as the grill sizzles each slice. Grilled red onions make for great additions to salads, pair with grilled chicken or fish, or chop into a grilled salsa. Try This Recipe: Grilled Red Onions with Crumbled Feta (Better Homes and Gardens)


Mushrooms are excellent additions to kebab skewers on the grill- thread whole or half bulbs onto skewers and brush with a good amount of oil. After a few minutes to char on each side, brush the mushrooms with a grilling marinade or flavored butter. Try This Recipe: Grilled Garlic Butter Mushrooms (The Endless Meal)


Although grilling romaine lettuce is definitely a summer favorite, grilling butter lettuce is not all that great of an idea. You will end up with sad and wilted lettuce; the variety of lettuce you will find in your Produce Box just doesn’t hold up well to heat. Instead, pair grilled peaches with butter lettuce and feta cheese for a delicious side salad or save the crunchy lettuce leaves for a crudite platter to enjoy while outside in the heat.

Red Potatoes

Potatoes are a tricky vegetable to grill as they take much longer to cook through compared to other produce. In order to get ahead, prick potatoes with a fork and microwave in a shallow bowl of water (covered with plastic wrap) for a few minutes until slightly fork tender. Throw oiled potatoes into a grilling basket or thread onto skewers and sprinkle with salt and pepper to get the great flavors of the grill while avoiding the undercooked crunch! Try This Recipe: Grilled Mahi Mahi with Lemon-Parsley Potatoes (Cooking Light)

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