Happy Holidays: A Letter from Our Founder Stephanie Scherzer

Dear Farmhouse Family,
I want to thank you for allowing Farmhouse to be a part of your lives. You put your trust in us to deliver nutritious, quality food to your family’s dinner table week after week, and for that I am so grateful. Incredibly, in a world where convenient eating is king and where grocery stores carry perennially available variety, you still choose us to keep your refrigerators stocked and bellies full of food raised thoughtfully by farmers and ranchers in your neighborhood. You prioritize your community, your health, and your care for quality over the convenience of the industrialized food system. That’s huge. Knowing that you believe in us and our mission is what keeps us coming back, fighting the good fight, every single day. You are why we’re here.
I know that sometimes you may see errors in your delivery, and for that I am sorry. Our team works hard to keep our shelves full and systems organized but sometimes human error will get the better of us. Time after time you show us patience, grace, and understanding and I appreciate that more than you know. Every day we work hard to learn from our mistakes, making strides to better ourselves and our practices, knowing that you’re here cheering us on and championing a brighter food future.
On that note, I also want to give some love to the Farmhouse team. I couldn’t be more proud of everyone who has come through these doors, worked day in and day out, and committed their energy and enthusiasm to making this vision a reality. Whether it’s our gracious customer service team, our talented kitchen and Supper Club crew, our determined buyers and pack team, or our hardworking office staff – everyone here gives 100%, and it makes my heart swell to see them show up every day, ready to tackle anything thrown their way.
Whenever I talk with people about Farmhouse, I find that my message always comes back to one word: Love. It’s about love for our farmers, ranchers and makers, love for our neighbors, for Mother Earth, our families, ourselves, and for future generations to come. Right now is an integral time to be voicing our beliefs and standing up for what and who we love. It’s about supporting causes we stand behind and taking steps toward strengthening bonds within our communities. It’s through knowledge, choice, and action that we can grow this seedling idea of a healthier and happier food system into full-fledged change. Thank you for joining us on this journey to creating a stronger future for food.
Happy Holidays, from ours to yours!

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