Meal Kit Recipes: Week of August 27

Recipes For Meal Kit Recipes Week of August 27th: Chile-Peach Shrimp Cakes with Green Bean Salad, Thai Pork Larb Salad with Mint & Tomato, Steak Quesadillas & Elotes, and Vegan Turmeric Sweet Potato Bowl w/ Coconut Cream

Chile-Peach Shrimp Cakes with Green Bean Salad 

Shrimp cakes are made with fresh Texas Gulf shrimp and house-baked cornbread crumbles, then pan seared and served with a sweet and spicy Chile-Peach Yogurt Sauce. 

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Thai Pork Larb Salad with Mint & Tomato

This Thai salad favorite features Peaceful Pork ground pork tossed with classic larb sauce and served over a bright and crisp salad of butter lettuce, white rice, and fresh veggies.

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Steak Quesadillas & Elotes

Melty and crispy quesadillas with tender beef, gooey cheddar cheese, and El Milagro flour tortillas make the ultimate crowd-pleasing Tex-Mex meal.

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Vegan Turmeric Sweet Potato Bowl w/ Coconut Cream

Inspired by ayurvedic and macrobiotic meals, this hearty vegan-friendly dinner features roasted sweet potatoes and butternut squash.

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