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Twelve years ago, four friends came up with an ambitious idea. Born and raised Austinites Micheal Graham and Adam DeBower together with Will Golden from Maryland and Mike McGovern from New York combined their passion for homebrewing and dreams of entrepreneurship to found Austin Beerworks in 2010. 

From left: Graham, McGovern, Debower, Golden. Photo courtesy of Austin Beerworks.

In those days, Austin was not the craft beer mecca we know today. Will Golden, Director of Brewing, remembers most bars only having 10 taps with beers from out-of-state. It was time for that to change. 

The team leased a building in Northcentral Austin, expanding and leasing two more buildings in 2017. Since their first brew day in April 2011, they have grown into a flourishing team of 56 employees.

“Quality of beer, quality of life.” Photo courtesy of Austin Beerworks.

Quirky and exuberant, they pride themselves on being a place where employees can get creative. “If we make it an awesome place to work, it will lend to an awesome product,” says Golden. Their motto is “quality of beer, quality of life” which means throughout endless experimentation, they never falter on quality. 

Every beer is curated from grain to glass by the ABW team, with the brewing, fermentation, and canning all done in-house. They are entirely self-distributed, using their own fleet of vehicles to deliver their beer to bars, groceries, and venues around Austin. They even have a dedicated crew that checks and cleans their tap lines around town, which ensures the ethos of quality extends to every pour.

At the ABW taproom, you can choose from 22 rotating drafts, with new experimental beers released every two weeks so you’ll never run out of options. Their spacious patio is family-friendly, dog-friendly, and a good place to have a conversation while enjoying mouthwatering eats from their food truck, Can-tina.


The patio at Austin Beerworks in North Austin. Photo courtesy of Austin Beerworks.

Coming out of major setbacks from the pandemic, the ABW team is excited to be planning again for the future. On October 23rd they’ll be hosting Oktober-Fiesta – an event that celebrates the combination of German and Mexican culture featuring bands, special releases, and two guest breweries from Monterrey, Mexico. Find out more at

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