A New Year’s Revolution: The 30 Day Eat At Home Challenge

It’s only 30 days. Think you can do it? Give it a go: eat at home, only from Texas, for the month of January.



Can you do it? We bet you can. Texas is a big state with plenty to eat. We have apples in the pan handle. Citrus from the valley. You KNOW Texas does beef. And sweet mercy we’ve got milk! Some of the best in the US comes from right around Waco. Plus you can cheat a little for coffee. You got this.

You’ll need to get your pantry stocked (we can help with that), and get creative (we can help with that too). Your bushel should cover your fruits and veggies. Make sure you get your grains, proteins, eggs, milk and other staples. Then look for inspiration. It’s everywhere. There’s plenty to find on your favorite recipe site. You might brush up on your Julia Child, Alice Waters or Harold McGee – whoever your favorite cookbook author is. Or shoot us a message. We love talking about food, and we’ll always trade you a recipe for a picture of what you make with it. #eatathome30 #eatathomechallenge #myhometable

Wherever you find inspiration, remember you’re not alone. Growing, cooking, and eating food doesn’t happen without community. And you’re part of it! Sometimes it’s a quick breakfast of Mother Culture’s Greek yogurt — made with milk from Miller Farm, located just miles away — and sometimes it’s a Thanksgiving feast with produce, meats, grains, and sweets from all over this great state, shared with your nearest and dearest. But every time you light the stove, lift a spoon, or set the table, you’re honoring something bigger than you and older than humanity. You’re sharing food.

Make this year about engaging with your food community. Easiest way to start? Talk to the people close to you. Invite your friends and family over for Sunday supper. Trade recipes. Discuss dinner with coworkers over your lunch break. You could trade casseroles with friends, potluck style. Those neighbors you’ve been wanting to meet? Invite them over for dinner already and have your own darn potluck!

Let’s not shy from the truth. Grabbing take-out is easy, and this will be challenging. But y’know…that’s the thing about challenges. Like everything in life, if it’s worth having, it’s worth a little struggle, and in the end, we’re better for both. Every year we join the gym, drink more water, organize our lives – and sometimes we keep it going all the way to March – but this is more than a resolution. It’s a revolution. Challenge yourself. This time around set that New Year’s resolve toward good food, clean eating and finding your place in our food community.

Start at home. Start with January. It’s only 30 days. You got this.

Want to get started? Join our Eat Texas! Recipes Sharing Facebook Group, where we want you, Farmhouse members, friends, and family, to share your favorite recipes, recommendations for how to use your bushel, food photos, and cooking tips with each other. Go ahead, get to know your Farmhouse community and get inspired!

And don’t forget about our Farmhouse Recipes page for tasty seasonal cooking inspiration.

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