Spring & Summer Field Report

artichokes (1)


The sun rises on another spring day here in central Texas, and if we pay attention, we can feel the bustle of activity in the natural world. Just about everything that can is budding out, reaching for rebirth and new life–peach blossoms unfurl, tomatoes are showing their first yellow flowers, sugar snap peas climb their trellises, asparagus breaks open the earth, reaching for the sky, and tender white berry blossoms tremble on the breeze amongst their thorny branches. On farms across the land, greenhouse doors are open, hardening off more baby lettuces for the field, melon plants and squashes, eggplants and peppers. And bees, the heroes and workhorses of propagation, are busier than ever. We breathe it in, and we wait, impatiently, for the season to come.

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