Stay Cool Stay Inside

There’s nothing like a hot and humid Texas summer to make you want to hunker down in your skivvies and spend the day getting up close and personal with your air conditioner.

Unfortunately we can’t change the weather, but we do want to help you make the most of your summer. Position your tv close to the ac and binge on these food-centric features on Netflix or throw on your airiest dresses and shorts and high-tail it to these indoor events all over Texas that are sure to be chill.

Netflix & Chill (temperature-wise that is)

Master of None protagonist Dev


Master of None (Seasons 1 & 2) : Aziz Ansari and his delightful cast of on the cusp millennials make their way through this always changing world accompanied by what GQ calls the show’s second most prominent character- food. Watch the seasons unfold over mouthwatering dishes in prominent NYC eateries and throughout Italy on a quest to learn the art of pasta and a little about love.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi: If you haven’t already seen this incredible documentary about the 85 year old man who has been named the best sushi maker in the world you must. Sure there’s beautiful sushi and incredible market scenes but our favorite part of the film is how it captures the love Jiro has for his work and the beautiful connection he has to food.

Cooked : In this four part series, Michael Pollan explores the human phenomenon of cooking food. He takes his viewers around the world and into his own kitchen, always sure to emphasize the importance of knowing what we eat and where our food comes from. If you don’t have time for all four watch episode 2: Water  where Pollan heads to India and unearths the harmful effects of the growing popularity of processed food.

Dough: This 2015 independent film perfectly captures the power of food to bring people together and serve as a universal language which looks past seemingly insurmountable differences. Follow the story of an aging Jewish baker who takes on a young Muslim apprentice who has gotten mixed up with the wrong people. You’ll be craving bagels, challah, and wiping a tear or two by the end of this sweet flick.

Hive Alive: Pay homage to the Farmhouse mascot and spirit animal, the honey bee in this in depth two part docu-series that explores the life and work of nature’s pollinator. The BBC program is filmed in the rolling hills of England so feel free to lose yourself a little in the cooler vistas.

Chef: This heartwarming comedy follows a highly respected chef who has had it with the restaurant world. He packs his bags and heads to Miami to start a Cuban pressed Sandwich food truck. We love how this film matter of factly embraces the idea that you don’t need fancy foods or ingredient lists a mile long to make something delicious. Plus there’s a scene that’s shot in Austin- but that’s just the cherry on top.

Chef’s Table: If you want to spend the day drooling over your tv screen and thinking of ways you can buy an around-the-world plane ticket this series is for you. If you’re as amazed as we are at the transformative power heat has over meat, be sure to check out episode 3: Francis Mallmann for an incredible look at cooking only with help from mother nature.

Mystic Pizza: Travel back in time to the early days of Julia Roberts when summers were for part time jobs and acid wash jeans were first in. Love, heart break, and coming of age slung between the dough and cheese of a beach town pizza parlor.

Meander Through a Museum

American Spirits Exhibition at The Bullock Museum

Most museums have new exhibits that pop up throughout the summer. Spend an afternoon lost in marbled hallways of culture and history.

Starting August 2nd, the Bob Bullock Museum will open American Spirits an exhibit celebrating the wild days of the roaring 20’s and prohibition.

For a truly hands on, eye opening experience, Deep dive into an entire museum dedicated to the human body, how it works, and how the world affects it at the Houston Health Museum.

Eat, drink, mix and mingle with the over 21 crowd at Thinkery 21, explore exhibits that aren’t just for kids.

Visit your local bookstore

Cool aisles of Book People Austin

No one needs a beach to enjoy a good beach read. Enter the cool oasis of your local book store and catch up on your reading list. You might even get to meet an author or two.

Author of award winning Bad Feminist, Roxanne Gay will speak about her newest book Hunger- a memoir about food, body, and self care at Book People on July 11th, 7pm. Event Page

Michelle Tam, creator of Nom Nom Paleo will be presenting her newest book  Ready or Not 50+ Make-Ahead, Make-Over, and Make-Now Recipes at Book People on August 25th at 7pm. Event Page

Eat Ice and Snow

Widely sought after flavor at Sweet Ritual


Give vegan ice cream a chance at Sweet Ritual in Austin. With flavors ranging from their infamous unicorn poop to peanut butter cup there’s something for everyone.

Support a mom and pop shop and indulge in a homemade scoop or two at Hank’s Ice Cream in Houston.

Find the Moooseum Ice Cream food truck in Houston for a cone of soft serve made from locally sourced ingredients.

For exotically flavored snow cones in Dallas head to Sno Gourmet Shaved Ice where the snow is soft and the flavors are made from real fruit juice.

Crazy Mangonada and Snowy concoctions galore wait for you at Big Daddy’s Eat and Treats in San Antonio. With a name like that, it has to be good!


Miscellaneous Fun

Night Swimming at Barton Springs

We swear we don’t only think about food, but if we did would it really be such a bad thing? Truth be told, there are some excellent non-food related activities in Texas that are perfect for beating the heat.

Look into local trivia nights and put your pop culture knowledge to the test. Austin’s Whip In offers a weekly beer sponsored quiz night. Check out the event calendars of local pubs and restaurants for more trivia events.

Seek out an air conditioned room just to escape it. Escape Rooms are an excellent way to spend an afternoon. Grab a group of friends and search for clues that will help you solve the puzzle to escape. Visit Room with a Clue in Dallas, the Houston Escape Room , Great Room Escape in San Antonio and the capital’s Austin Panic Room.

It’s always a marvelous night for a moon dance at Barton Springs Pool.  Entrance is free from 9pm-10pm every night so put on your suit and take a chilly dip by the magical light of the moon. Best part? You don’t have to apply sunscreen!

Check out the summer blockbusters at your local theater. Those movie auditoriums are kept so cold you might need to bring a sweater! Keep an eye on the schedule of Alamo for All for special screenings of movies that only cost $5!


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