Get Texas on the Table with Supper Club Meal Delivery

Sheet Pan Miso Shrimp with Roasted Eggplant, Mushrooms and Sweet Peppers over Brown Rice 

Look, we get it- it’s hard to to get to work on time, get all the homework done, maybe think about sorting the laundry, keep up with the headlines, and everything else in between– sometimes mindful eating doesn’t always seem doable. We hear all too often that dinner is a challenge, whether you’re trying to get your partner to like vegetables as much as you do or you’re a parent who is balancing making ‘adult’ dinners that you have to convince your child to try. We want to empower families- no matter what yours looks like- to put good food first by providing quality meals that you can feel great about.

Supper Club is our answer to help you win the week, keeping good food in your dinnertime rotation without requiring a huge time investment. Our curated meal kits are provided for preorder every week, determined by seasonality and produce availability. Each box comes with everything you need to create an inspired dinner for a family of four (or two with leftovers), every meal coming together in an hour or less.

Convenience and ease aside, Supper Clubs also provide an opportunity for your family, adults and kids alike, to be exposed to foods they may not have seen before.

Farmhouse Photographer Casey Woods and her daughter Stella (age 5) explore the Supper Club boxes every week when Casey is photographing the meals for the website. “Since she was two, Stella has helped me photograph the Farmhouse supper club and bushels. We take out the ingredients every week, talk about what they are, and she becomes familiar with the vegetables. She understood what kohlrabi was, so it was more interesting for her to eat it,” said Casey.

Casey also talks about how they went through a learning process together. Casey and Stella would learn about vegetables at the same time, but Stella was 2 and she was 40. With that education, her daughter feels empowered to make informed choices about food. “She has now decided there are things she doesn’t eat, like beets and mushrooms, but she tried them a few times before she decided. Supper club gave her that opportunity to learn and make decisions”.

Not everybody’s dinner plate has to look the same, but providing an opportunity to try real food has the potential of bringing your family together over a truly Texan table. Supper Club aims to bridge the gap of a busy schedule with providing high-quality meals directly to your door that you can take full credit for. It’s time to make new moments, centered around food, to savor and appreciate. Love Local, Eat Texas.

Click here for upcoming Supper Club menus! If you’re not already a customer, we’d love to have you; sign up here!

Based around seasonal cooking, our weekly-changing menu items showcase the best of local proteins and seasonal fruits and vegetables. Meals like coffee-rubbed Augustus Ranch Cattle Co. skirt steak with Farmhouse Kitchen chimichurri, Windy Meadows Farm chicken tenders with house made honey mustard, and slow cooker red beans and rice are made easy for you and your family to enjoy.
On a weekly basis, you’ll receive the proteins, vegetables, sauces, spices, and a recipe to create a complete meal in under an hour. The cost is $12 per serving, with a minimum of 4 servings per week. That means you can mix and match (i.e. 2 servings of one menu item and 2 servings of another). You’ll get a new menu every Sunday morning, when you can select your favorite meals. Out of town or unable to receive Supper Club the next week? All you have to do is click a button to skip your delivery that week.
How To Get Started:
  1. Add the Supper Club Subscription to your cart.
  2. You’ll receive an email with the next available week of meals (please note the date on the menu as the week you’ll receive your first delivery).
  3. Select at least 4 servings of your favorite meal options.
  4. Receive your meal kits on your designated delivery day. Cook, eat, and enjoy!

Left: Summer Salad Bowl, Middle: Mushroom Ravioli with Goat Cheese, RightSlow Cooker Thai Fresh Massaman Curry 

Left: Pesto Turkey Meatball Sub, Middle: Red Curry with Eggplant and NaanRight: Shrimp Cakes with Remoulade Sauce

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