5 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Pasture-Raised Meat Right Now

Why Switch to Pasture-Raised Meat?

1. It provides a significantly healthier, happier lifestyle for livestock. Pasture-raised animals are free to roam, forage, drink, and socialize with other animals at their will, providing for a more natural state of living. The conditions of factory farms leave animals without proper space, cleanliness, or control over their food and water supply. Your pasture-raised meat comes from an animal who lived a happy, healthy life.

2. It packs in healthier fats + higher nutritional value in every bite. Pastured animals produce meat that’s four times higher in Vitamin E. It’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids, the “good fat” that lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

3. It contains no harmful toxins, hormones, or antibiotics. Pasture-raised meat doesn’t contain the growth hormones used to speed up the growth cycle of factory-farmed meat. Additionally, since pastured animals live in cleaner conditions, there is less of a need to administer antibiotics for illness and disease prevention. Less chemistry for the animals means healthier, more natural meat for you.

4. You’re supporting small family-owned Texas ranches. These farmers take pride in their work and hold high standards for cleanliness, quality, and transparency in practice and product. When you know where your meat comes from, you’re making an informed choice about what you eat. Supporting local farms also helps build the community around you, creates important statewide economic opportunities, and reduces environmental impact.

5. Your tastebuds will thank you for it. Pasture-raised meat comes from animals who spent their lives eating natural, local, high-quality feed and grass. As a result, their meat is more flavorful than their factory-farmed counterparts. Once you switch to pasture-raised meat, you’ll never want to go back.



Quality. Guaranteed.

100% of the meat you’ll find at Farmhouse Delivery is pasture-raised and comes from family-owned Texas ranches. Plus, we have personal relationships with each of our ranchers, ensuring that you receive the highest quality from sources you can trust. You won’t find that at any other grocery store.


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