The Ultimate Texas Snack Spread For Football-Watching (And Beyond!)

Even if we don’t have any teams in the game, you can still have Texas at your Super Bowl watch party! Our favorite way to cater to a crowd is the sheet-pan snack spread featuring Texas-sourced fresh vegetables, a few spreads (including cheeses!), cured salami, and some indulgent treats. Minimal effort and easy clean up is the name of the Super Bowl game- leaving more time for enjoying the halftime show and advertisements.

How to Make a Super Snack Board

Step One: Set up a sheet pan and arrange 2-3 dips/spreads in smaller bowls. We choose hummus, pimento cheese, and cream cheese topped with savory jelly. This is where your pre-made offerings are helpful!

Step Two: Add sliced summer sausage and fresh fruit. Or even spiced nuts or popcorn!

Step Three: Fill in with fresh veggies! Broccoli florets, cauliflower florets, romaine heart leaves, turnip sticks or slices and small radishes with tops.

Step Four: Let your guests eat straight off the tray!

Creative Crudités

Still working through your bushel vegetables? Clean out the fridge by setting all of your veggies out on the counter and evaluating for crunch factor and dip-ability. Clean up any ugly radish stems and serve alongside *bite-sized* cauliflower or broccoli florets. You don’t have to stick to plain shapes for serving fresh veggies either— chop turnips into 3″ sticks (think french-fry shape) for dipping or radishes into flat disks to contrast colors and shapes. To do this a day ahead, simply chop the veggies and store in a gallon Ziploc bag for freshness.

Cater To Alternative Diets (But Don’t Stress Out Over It)

Having a few options for your guests with allergen concerns or special diets is definitely the good host thing to do- but you don’t need to go the extra touchdown to make an entirely new menu. Ask them if they prefer a specific store-bought dip or spread (we love the Florel Foods Dill and Garlic Sunflower Seed Hummus) or let them know they are welcome to add to your spread!

Opt for Easy Apps

You’ve got a lot of things going on when it comes to having people over to watch the Big Game. Keep it easy with the world’s most perfect appetizer: Cream Cheese and Pepper Jelly. It’s just as it sounds- top a portion of softened cream cheese (full-fat!) with your preferred pepper jelly and serve with crackers or neutral-tasting veggies like cucumbers or romaine heart leaves. We love Confituras Jalapeño Pepper or Fresno Chile Pepper.  We also love this Palo Duro Rojo Dip for a grown up alternative to sour cream chip dip.

Allow Some Indulgence 

Go ahead- get down with some pimento cheese! You deserve a chili-cheese dog! Allow yourself some of the queso your Monday self might regret later (but it’s just so dang good!). The best way to counter the carbs is to balance with fresh veggies (like broccoli or cauliflower florets) and use smaller serving plates. When your plate is smaller, your eyes feel like you are eating more.




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