The King of Cheese Hangs His Crown



For over twenty years Mike Sams, patriarch of Full Quiver Farms, has provided Texas with some of the most exceptional handmade cheeses available in our great state. Since opening our delivery doors over 6 years ago, Farmhouse has proudly offered Full Quiver’s wide range of cheeses to our customers. However, all good things must end. With bittersweet sentiment, Mike Sams has announced his retirement from Full Quiver Farms, discontinuing their business in the Austin and Houston markets.

While Full Quiver Farms won’t disappear entirely (Mike’s son will now take over the family business), their delectable cheeses will no longer be available in central and east Texas. Of course, it is with great sadness that we relinquish the privilege of packing our refrigerators weekly with their creamiest neufchatel, silky mozzarella, and anything-but-basic raw milk cheddar, but a silver lining can be found!

With a cheese-shaped hole in our fridge (and, let’s be honest, our hearts), we now embark on the next chapter of Farmhouse cheese offerings. We will be updating the site regularly as we start finding fresh offerings of Texas cheeses, so keep your eyes peeled, there are great new products to come.

Mike, your kind spirit and superior cheeses will be missed here at Farmhouse. Congratulations, we wish you all the best in your retirement!

One thought on “The King of Cheese Hangs His Crown

  1. yvette on said:

    I am soooooooo sad! Yes, you said it exactly – a cheese-shaped hole in my heart! Hands down the BEST cheese makers around here. First I had to mourn our loss of them at the Cedar Park Farmers Market. Now this! I will be curious to see what you all find to fill the cheese hole. In the meantime, I guess it is off to cheese-hab!

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