Tips On How To Shop The Farmhouse Delivery Marketplace

Clean up on aisle 5! Well actually, we don’t have an aisle 5, but we did do some cleaning recently. We’ve tidied up our site to make it even easier to find all the seasonal, staple, and specialty items you love most at Farmhouse Delivery. When shopping our site, you might notice some changes to names of categories, and the placement of some of your most frequently shopped items. Change can take some getting used to but we promise, once you’ve given the site a once-over, you’ll be able to hunt down all of your Farmhouse Delivery go-tos with ease. To help you navigate our new categories, we’re offering you a little guidance. Check out our Category Guide, as well as a few Pro Tips below and get shopping!

Pro Tips For Shopping The Farmhouse Delivery Marketplace

1. We’ve separated out our Grocery Departments (or categories) to look like you might see them in a supermarket. Each category title can be clicked to see all of the items in that category; alternatively, you can narrow your search in most categories by hovering over the main department or category name to reveal a drop-down menu with more specific category options.

2. When you log in, check the Previously Ordered tab to easily find items you’ve ordered and loved before.

3. Use the Search Bar by clicking the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of your screen. You can search by the name of the item or the name of the farm, ranch, or vendor. Many of our items include the type of food in the title (like ‘Pasta, Fresh Macaroni’) and USDA Certified Organic foods will have the word ‘organic’ in the title, so feel free to use that to narrow your search.

4. What’s New & On Sale offerings change weekly, so be sure to check back regularly for the most up-to-date selection.

5. So many of our market items can be set up for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or future date delivery. If you know you know you don’t want to go a week without you favorite fresh baked boule or a dozen pasture-raised eggs, find the item on the category page and select the frequency from the drop down menu of the product (just above the red ‘Add To Delivery’ button).

6. Check the icon! Items are ‘tagged’ with a circular icon to indicate if it’s a Vegan, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free, a Staff Pick, Grass Fed & Finished, Beyond Organic (organic without the certification), or USDA Certified Organic.

7. We’re newly offering a customizable build-your-own option for some of our Bundles! Once the customizable bundle is in your cart, find the ‘Customize’ button and choose from the available options. If you’d prefer that we choose for you, simply add the item to your cart and we’ll take it from there.

Marketplace Category Guide

What’s New

Here you’ll find our latest additions to the marketplace. We’re always expanding our offerings, so you can find something new to try every single week. Visit the page to see what we added this week, including prepared meals, new fall produce, seasonal A La Carte Meal Kits, and more!


We offer a wide variety of house-curated, organic and locally sourced meat (Rancher Boxes), produce (Produce Boxes), and Meal Kit subscriptions that can be set for automatic delivery weekly, bi-weekly, or once per month. Just pick the delivery cycle that fits best for you. You can also find subscription items in their corresponding department’s drop-down menus (like Rancher Boxes in the meat department, etc.).

Favorites & Holiday Pages

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, or sharing our Fall Favorites, we love to round up our seasonal and holiday picks in one easy, shoppable page for you to explore. Find our Favorites & Holiday round-up pages next to the Best Sellers department.

Best Sellers

We’ve put together all of the top-selling produce, meat, dairy, bakery and grocery items that our customers love most. From staples tike creamy pasture-raised milk and grass fed ground beef to grocery favorites and items you can only find at Farmhouse Delivery, these are the items your fellow Farmhouse members keep coming back to week after week.


Our Bundles department features product pairings that are exclusive to Farmhouse Delivery members and include all the essential ingredients you need for exciting mains, sides, breakfast items, and desserts, making shopping and meal prep a snap. Our bundles are inspired by flavors from around the globe, tasty seasonal meals, and ingredients made right here in Texas. What’s more, we always price our bundles to offer you more for less, every bundle offers a great discount.

On Sale

We love a good deal as much as the next guy, so we’ve put them all on one convenient page for you to shop great sale deals. You’ll also find a sale page listed under other categories like Produce, Meat, Dairy & Eggs, Bakery, and Grocery, in case you’re looking to narrow down your search.


We offer the greatest selection of locally-sourced, seasonal produce that you can find anywhere in Texas, as well a wide variety of non-local USDA Certified Organic household staples. Click ‘Produce‘ to shop our entire selection, or narrow down your search with sub-categories in the drop-down menu like ‘What’s In Season‘ (which features all of our 100% local produce), Fruits, Vegetables, Herbs, and more!

Dairy & Eggs

Here you’ll find a selection of milk, eggs, butter, specialty cheeses, deli cheeses, yogurt, and dairy-replacement items. Click the main category name ‘Dairy & Eggs‘ to shop our entire selection together, or find more specific categories in the drop-down menu.


Finding locally-sourced, 100% pasture-raised, hormone and antibiotic-free meat has never been easier. We carry everything from weekly essentials to hard-to-find cuts, including grass fed options, Heritage meats, Paleo-friendly bacon and sausage, and wild-caught seafood. Shop our entire selection by clicking ‘Meats’ or hover to see the drop-down menu to find more specific categories like Chicken & Poultry; Beef; Bacon & Sausage; Pork; Seafood; Bison, Lamb & Other Meats; and Deli Meat & Charcuterie.


The local baker comes to your door when you shop our Bakery section! Fresh breads like specialty loaves, bagels, and croissants are baked the day you receive your delivery so you never have to compromise on quality. We also offer items like locally-made sliced breads, tortillas, gluten-free baked goods, delicious desserts, and even a whole page dedicated to the most important meal of the day: breakfast.


Here, you’ll find just about everything we haven’t yet mentioned. Whether you’re in search of salty snacks, prepared meals (like frozen pizzas, fresh salads, or heat-and-eat soups), gluten-free and vegan groceries, cooking sauces, fermented foods, spices, coffee, or condiments, you can find it all in the Grocery section of our marketplace. Click ‘Grocery‘ to shop all of the items at once, or peruse the drop-down menu to find something more specific to suit your needs.

Farmhouse Exclusive

Did you know that we have our own kitchen and team of Chefs at Farmhouse? We bring some of the brightest talent to the table to offer you everything from Meal Kits (both Subscription Meal Kits and A La Carte offerings) to sauces, to prepared meals and sides. Our team uses local and organic ingredients to create freshly-made foods you can only find at Farmhouse Delivery. We even go the extra step to prepare our Farmhouse Kitchen foods using blemished produce and excess items, and we compost every scrap we can, making our kitchen as sustainable and zero-waste-friendly as possible. Click on the category ‘Farmhouse Exclusive’ to see all of our offerings, or look through the drop down menu to find ‘Farmhouse Kitchen Products‘ (our house-made seasonal grocery items), ‘Meal Kits‘, and ‘A-La-Carte-Meal Kits‘.

Having trouble finding something? Feel free to contact our customer service team at – they’re happy to help you find the item you’re looking for, find something similar, or even submit a product request to our team of Buyers. 

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