Our Turkeys are So Texan, They Wear Turkey Boots

Thank you for choosing a Texan Turkey for your Thanksgiving table! In order for your bird to embrace its full Texan potential, we’ve created paper cutout boots (instructions included) for you and your family to enjoy together.

Post a photo of your Thanksgiving bird in Turkey Boots with #MyTexanTurkey and be entered to win a Farmhouse Prize Pack! Click here to download the free printable boots.

You Will Need:



Turkey Boots Printout

Step 1:

Cut along solid lines. Fold along dotted lines. Be sure to cut the ‘X’ (this is where the turkey ‘foot’ will go.

Step 2:

Glue (you could also use double sided tape) panels labels labeled ‘glue’ and match attaching panels.


Step 3:

Secure ‘boot’ and fit on turkey feet. Be sure to post a photo of your bird in Turkey Boots with #MyTexanTurkey for a chance to win a Farmhouse Prize Pack!


The winner of the #MyTexanTurkey contest will be announced Tuesday, November 28.

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