Use Your Bushel: Week of November 27

November 27: Large Bushel

Broccoli (1 lb avg), Cabbage, Red or Green (1 head), Carrots (1 bunch), Grapefruit (2 count) or Oranges (6 count), Dino Kale (1 bunch) or Spinach (1 bunch), Green Onions (1 bunch) or Fennel (1 bulb), Lettuce (1 head), Scarlet Turnips (1 lb avg) or Japanese Turnips (1 bunch), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg)

November 27: Medium Bushel

Broccoli (1 lb avg), Grapefruit (2 count) or Oranges (3 count), Curly Kale (1 bunch) or Dino Kale (1 bunch) or Spinach (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Watermelon Radishes (1 bunch) or Baby Bok Choy (1 bunch)


Talk Dinner to Us

Each week, we take the time to list out all of the possible produce items that you get in your delivery and translate them into recipe ideas for your meal planning inspiration. If you ever find yourself with too many apples, or no idea what to do with radishes, you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat with a Farmhouse employee! We will get back to you with recipe ideas, meal prep guidance, or just a friendly hello!

Crustless Quiche: Spinach and Feta Quiche with Sweet Potato

Bushel Vegetables: SpinachKale, Sweet Potatoes, Green Onions, Turnips

We don’t say this very often, but skip the crust! This gluten-free quiche recipe swaps the traditional butter crust for thin slices of sweet potato (you could also sneak in some thinly sliced turnip!) and is filled with a classic quiche base. Fold in fresh spinach (or kale) and top with green onions for a complete breakfast or midday snack. Recipe Credit: Cooking Light Magazine

Winter Salads: Red Cabbage Salad with Fennel, Orange and Pepitas

Bushel Vegetables: Cabbage, fennel, oranges, grapefruit, lettuce

Some of the most exciting salads come from hearty winter greens – we promise! You don’t need tender spring veggies to make a stunning salad. Thinly sliced fennel breaks up some of the harsh anise characteristics of this root vegetable and pairs beautifully with segmented citrus and crunchy pepitas. Recipe Credit: Food & Wine

Simply Stir Fry: Stir-Fried Chicken and Bok Choy

Bushel Vegetables: Baby Bok Choy, Broccoli, Carrots, Green Onions

A simple stir-fry is almost always our answer to leftover bushel vegetables. Substitute any protein (or extra vegetables like shredded carrots and broccoli florets) for the chicken in this recipe, and you’ve got a complete dinner, ready in minutes. The best trick to efficient stir fry is to get all of your veggies and proteins prepped before you turn the heat up, that way you’re ready when the oil is almost smoking. Recipe Credit: NYT Cooking

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