Use Your Bushel: Week of November 6

November 6: Large Bushel

Baby Bok Choy (1 bunch) or Collards (1 bunch), Grapefruit (2 each), Green onions (1 bunch) or Dragon Tongue Beans (1/2lb) or Tomatoes (1 lb avg), Red Curly Kale (1 bunch) or Green Curly Kale (1 bunch), Kale (1 head), Mushrooms (1/2lb) or Broccoli (1 lb avg), Red Radishes (1 bunch), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), White Turnips (1 bunch) or Fennel (1 bunch

November 6: Medium Bushel

Cucumbers (1 lb avg) or Broccoli (1 lb avg), Grapefruit (2 each), Red Curly Kale (1 bunch) or Green Curly Kale (1 bunch), Romaine Lettuce (1 head) or Green Leaf Kale (1 head), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Tomatoes (1 lb avg) or Green onions (1 bunch)


Talk Dinner to Us

Each week, we take the time to list out all of the possible produce items that you get in your delivery and translate them into recipe ideas for your meal planning inspiration. If you ever find yourself with too many apples, or no idea what to do with radishes, you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat with a Farmhouse employee! We will get back to you with recipe ideas, meal prep guidance, or just a friendly hello!

Genius Salads: Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Bushel Vegetables: GrapefruitCucumbersTomatoes, Romaine LettuceRadishes, Fennel

It’s time to detox as much as possible before the holidays and a big, bright salad is just what we need! Take the season’s first grapefruits and transform the sweet/tart fruit into this zippy vinaigrette, ideal for pouring over everything! Make a big bowl salad of crunchy romaine, cucumbers, chopped tomatoes, thinly sliced fennel and radishes, toss in the vinaigrette and top with chopped nuts or cooked grains.

Recipe Credit: The Gracious Pantry


Taco Tuesday Everyday:
 Smoky Potato and Greens Tacos

Bushel Vegetables: CollardsGreen onions, KaleMushrooms, Sweet Potatoes, Radishes

These easy tacos ask you to first make braised greens with bacon and then go for the real prize with these weeknight tacos. Spiced with smoky paprika, sweet potato chunks are combined with the greens and topped with sliced radishes, some queso fresco and the bite of fresh cilantro. Recipe Credit: Cooking LIght

Use It Up: Rice Noodles With Stir-Fried Chicken, Turnips and Carrots

Bushel Vegetables: Baby Bok Choy, Dragon Tongue Beans, White Turnips, BroccoliMushrooms

With the last of the bushel waiting to be cooked up, it’s time for an old standby: stir-fry! Stir fry sliced turnips, chopped dragon tongue beans, broccoli florets and halved mushrooms in a hot pan for a few minutes, or until softened and blistered. Pour the flavorful broth over the veggies and hearty rice noodles for a cozy bowl! Recipe Credit: NYT Cooking

Upcoming Farmhouse Events:

SheTalks: Food and Feminism with Boss Babes ATX
Monday, November 13th
Sustainable Food Center

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Saturday, November 18th
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Join us on one of East Austin’s vibrant urban farms for a full day and evening celebration of art, music, local food, and craft beer!


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