Use Your Bushel: Week of October 16, 2017

10/16/17 Large Bushel

Apples (1 lb avg) or Persimmons (1 lb avg), Lettuce (1 head), Purple Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Amaranth (1 bunch) or Turnip Greens (1 bunch), Spaghetti Squash (1 each) or Butternut Squash (1 each) or Kabocha Squash (1 each) or Pie Pumpkin (1 each), Pak Choi (1 bunch) or Kale (1 bunch), Green Onions (1 bunch) or Mushrooms (1/2lb), Watermelon Radish (1 bunch) or Beets (1 lb avg), Yellow Squash (1 lb avg) or Sweet Corn (2 ears) or Green Beans (1 lb avg)

10/16/17 Medium Bushel

Apples (1 lb avg) or Persimmons (1 lb avg), Lettuce (1 head), Purple Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Mustard Greens (1 bunch) or Kale (1 bunch) or Collard Greens (1 bunch), Sweet Corn (2 ears) or Green Beans ( (1 lb avg) or Sweet Peppers (1/2lb), White Salad Turnips (1 bunch) or Eggplant (1 lb avg)

Fantastic Fermentables

With the annual Austin Fermentation Festival right around the corner, we’ve dedicated this week’s Use Your Bushel to everything fermentation! Check out recipes below for Easy Kimchi, How to Roast Vegetables with Miso, and non-traditional ideas for pickles! If you are headed to the Austin Fermentation Festival this weekend, be sure to stop by the Farmhouse Delivery table!

Korean Kitchen: How to Make Easy Kimchi

The beauty of kimchi is that you can mix & match the vegetables based on what’s in season. Chef Matt’s recipe is a simple way to use up any lots of bushel veggies (like green onions). Napa Cabbage is the usual choice, but feel free to experiment with veggies like kohlrabi, celeriac, pak choi (bok choy) or brussels sprouts. You can also try white salad turnips or black, Easter egg, or watermelon radishes. Experiment by adding shredded greens like kale, turnip greens, or mustard greens!

The Wonderful World of Miso: Miso-Roasted Vegetables

Miso, a fermented brown rice paste, is a funky, salty and umami-rich ingredient that needs to make it in your flavor toolbox. A tub of miso lasts forever in your fridge and brings an intense richness to any vegetable you toss it in. Since miso is a bit difficult to make on your own, we recommend buying it and making a simple marinade for chopped eggplant, sweet potato slices, butternut squash chunks, pie pumpkin wedges, and kabocha squash chunks. You could also add diced apples or persimmons for sweetness, too!

Check out the recipe for Miso-Roasted Vegetables over on Food52

It’s Not Just for Cucumbers: Lacto-Fermented Pickles

Lacto-fermentation is an easy type of fermentation that only requires your pickling vegetable, water, and salt. Slices of yellow squash or beets, sweet corn kernels, chopped green beans, sweet pepper slices, or even mushrooms make for interesting pickling experiments!

Check out the recipe for Lacto-Fermented Pickles

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October 22 at Barr Mansion

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