Use Your Bushel: Week of October 30

10/30/17 Large Bushel

Apples (5ct), Mustard Greens (1 bunch) or Pea Shoots (1 bunch), Carrots (1 bunch), Red Radish (1 bunch) or White Turnips (1 bunch), Kale (1 bunch) or Collard Greens (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), Mushrooms (1/2lb), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg), Green onions (1 bunch) or Tomatoes (1 lb avg)

10/30/17 Medium Bushel

Apples (3 ct), Baby Bok Choy (1 bunch) or Kale (1 bunch), Carrots (1 bunch), Lettuce (1 head), French Breakfast Radish(1 bunch) or Watermelon Radish (1 bunch), Sweet Potatoes (1 lb avg)

Talk Dinner to Us

Each week, we take the time to list out all of the possible produce items that you get in your delivery and translate them into recipe ideas for your meal planning inspiration. If you ever find yourself with too many apples, or no idea what to do with radishes, you can always message us on Facebook or Instagram to chat with a Farmhouse employee! We will get back to you with recipe ideas, meal prep guidance, or just a friendly hello! Below, you’ll find recipes for Kale Salads, No-Noodle Pad Thai, and Vegetable Pies!

Ravishing Radish Salads: Pea Shoot Salad with Radishes and Pickled Onion

Bushel Vegetables: Pea Shoots, Radishes, Carrots

Bring beautiful pea shoots to the forefront of this crunchy and bright seasonal salad! Fruitful Hill Farm (Bastrop, TX) has provided gorgeous (and limited availability) pea shoot tendrils for this week’s bushel. Celebrate their raw beauty by tossing with pickled onions, shaved radishes, and shoots in a white wine dressing. If you have any carrots left in your bushel, shave them raw into the salad as well! Recipe Credit: MyRecipes

Skip the Potato: Turnip and Kale Gratin

Bushel Vegetables: Turnips, Winter Greens (Mustard Greens/Kale/Collard Greens), Mushrooms

Anybody can enjoy turnips and hearty winter greens when baked into a cheesy baguette bake, bubbling with rich heavy cream and plenty of cheese. Plus, vegetables! We promise! Recipe Credit: Bon Appetit

Cozy Up: Creamy Thai Sweet Potato Curry

Bushel Vegetables: Sweet Potatoes, Baby Bok Choy, Tomato, Green Onion

Has the rain forced you inside this week? Cozy up with a bowl of rich and spicy sweet potato curry- filled to the brim with flavor and warmth. Looking to add more bushel veggies? Add chopped bok choy to the pot a few minutes before you’re planning to serve. Stir in chopped tomato for some extra acidity and top with chopped green onions for garnish! Recipe Credit: Pinch of Yum

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How are are you working through your bushel? You can always message us on Instagram with photos, questions, or just to say hi!

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